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Applied Plastics Offers PTFE Coated Mandrels that Block Tubing from Shrinking

Published on 2012-08-14. Author : SpecialChem

A full line of blockers coated with Teflon® (forming mandrels) that maintain tight tolerances on the inside diameter of catheter shafts is available from Applied Plastics Co., Inc. of Norwood, Massachusetts.

Applied Plastics' PTFE Coated Mandrels are offered in stainless steel or nitinol to prevent sticking, block tubing from shrinking, and simplify catheter removal in fuse welding and tipping operations. They are offered in standard 0.005" to 0.070" sizes, in many fractional diameters within ±0.0003" of each other, and custom sizes can be supplied on request.

Featuring a smooth, anti-stick surface that can withstand heat up to 300°C continuous, with excursions up to 371°C, Applied Plastics' PTFE Coated Mandrels provide a 0.05 coefficient of friction per ASTM-1894. Maintaining an inventory of over 50,000 pieces, the firm can supply precision cut lengths to 12 ft.

About Applied Plastics

Applied Plastics solves coating problems by working closely with customer's staff to determine what their finish needs to achieve, they select the proper coating and manufacturing methods to optimize product performance and reduce costs. Most importantly, if a standard coating doesn't exist, they have the expertise and experience necessary to custom formulate the coating solution. They can coat parts to meet the most stringent aerospace, commercial, FDA, medical, and military specifications. As one of the select group of licensed DuPont Teflon® industrial applicators, with over 50 years of time-tested knowledge and experience, they are extremely well qualified to provide a full range of innovative coating solutions.

Source: Applied Plastics

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