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allnex Launches Waterborne UV-curable Resin for Wood Coatings

Published on 2019-09-03. Author : SpecialChem

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industrial wood coatingsallnex has announced the launch of its new UCECOAT® 7738 developed for industrial wood applications, specifically for clear and white pigmented systems.

Tin-free and Label-free UV-curable PU Dispersion

Its most recent addition to the range of waterborne UV-curable resins, UCECOAT® 7738 is a Tin-free and label-free UV-curable polyurethane dispersion for clear and white pigmented coatings for wood substrates. It is characterized by its excellent hardness and stain resistances in both those types of coatings, all the while maintaining excellent flexibility.

As a new water-based solution, UCECOAT® 7738 further highlights the company’s commitment to the development of greener and future-proof technologies by ticking a number of boxes on the sustainability front. Aside from being Tin-free, this dispersion is label-free, demonstrates very low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emission and is also ecolabel-compliant.

Key benefits and features of UCECOAT® 7738 include:

  • Excellent high gloss combined with tack-free before cure and good resolubility
  • Mirror effect on flat substrates
  • Good hardness and flexibility balance
  • Outstanding adhesion as well as scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Good water release
  • Excellent stability on storage

Cédric D’Hulst, Global Marketing Manager Industrial Coatings (Radcure) at allnex commented: “The waterborne UV coatings market is still growing fast and developing products able to cope with more stringent requirements is key for supporting this trend. By introducing the UCECOAT® 7738, we add a new UVPUD to our range that brings improved water release and excellent gloss in both clear and white pigmented systems.”

Source: allnex
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