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allnex Debuts Cobalt-free Paint Driers for Marine, Architectural & Industrial Coatings

Published on 2017-11-30. Author : SpecialChem

allnex has released the ADDITOL® dry CF Series (ADDITOL® dry CF100, ADDITOL® dry CF101 and ADDITOL® dry CF200), which are cobalt-free paint driers for use in the Architectural Coatings, Wood Coatings, Industrial Coatings, Protective and Marine Applications, Composites and Ink Markets.

Next-generation Driers

wall paint allnex
allnex Debuts Cobalt-free Paint Driers for Marine,
Architectural & Industrial Coatings
Developed by the allnex R&D Chemists, these next-generation driers were created to meet the industry challenge of increased regulations against the use of cobalt, while still exceeding the performance of the traditional cobalt-containing products and the current commercial cobalt-free systems.

Studies have shown that cobalt and certain cobalt compounds are anticipated to be human carcinogens – hence the importance to create cobalt-free products in the market.

The need in the market was immediate and critical for us,” says Bernhard Hirschmann, TS & BD Manager, allnex. “Although the increased regulations haven’t yet banned cobalt substances completely, we wanted to be ahead of the game and make sure we had a safe product for customers that still exceeded performance expectations.

ADDITOL® dry CF Series

  • This new range of ADDITOL® dry CF Series products are additives that are inserted into the paint while it’s being created 
  • Paint will eventually fade, crack, yellow, split, peel – or a variety of other issues. But, the dry CF Series keeps the look and feel of the paint in top condition for a much longer timeframe and in a variety of situations: from a fresh coat of paint on a house to the hull of a ship, to a metal warehouse – and more 

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Source: allnex
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