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Akzo Nobel Develops Unique Waterborne Exterior Paint

Published on 2004-06-11. Author : SpecialChem


Akzo Nobel has developed a pioneering water-based exterior wood paint which is the world's first waterborne decorative coating to have a unique high solids content (about 65 percent). As a result, the product – Tinova VX – uses practically no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is therefore well below the stringent new VOC regulations introduced by the European Union.

Created by the Company's Decorative Coatings Europe (DCE) business, Tinova VX's high solids content - the increased amount of dry matter in paint - means that only two coats are required for complete coverage instead of the usual three. Furthermore, the product's distinctive small molecular structure allows the paint to penetrate deeply into the wood, thereby vastly improving its waterproofing properties. In other words, Tinova VX doesn’t just provide protection on top of the wood, but also in the wood itself, so increasing durability.

"Akzo Nobel focuses on providing strong brands that combine excellent performance with compliance to the highest environmental standards," explained Rudy van der Meer, Member of the Board of Management responsible for Coatings. "We are therefore very proud to be able to provide our customers with a product such as Tinova VX."

Added Leif Abildgaard, General Manager of DCE: "We are very much focused on innovative research because we are aware that the development of new products with features that today's customers are looking for is the best way to outperform the competition and generate the value to grow in a sustainable way."

Developed in the R&D laboratories of Akzo Nobel in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Malmö (Sweden), Tinova VX - which recently won the Akzo Nobel Coatings Innovation Award - is currently only available in Nordic countries, but plans are being made to launch the product in several other European markets during the next few years.

Source: Akzo Nobel

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