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Air Products Introduces Surfynol® 107L Surfactant & ZetaSperse® 3800 Dispersant for Coatings

Published on 2016-02-22. Author : SpecialChem

Air Products Materials Technologies segment introduces the latest addition to its innovative portfolio of molecular defoamers and dynamic wetting agents—Surfynol® 107L and polymeric dispersant — ZetaSperse® 3800.

Fig. 1: Air Products Introduces Surfynol® 107L Surfactant
& ZetaSperse® 3800 Dispersant for Coatings

This new Surfynol® 107L surfactant is a liquid, nonionic wetting agent and molecular defoamer based on a proprietary high-performance Gemini chemistry. Surfynol® 107L surfactant contains no added alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs), silicones, or fluorosurfactants, and is suitable for low- and zero-VOC formulations. This unique chemistry offers a range of surface active performance benefits, is nonfoaming, and will disrupt the foam stabilization properties of other formulation components, providing defect-free defoaming and deaerating benefits.

ZetaSperse® 3800 dispersant is a clear liquid broad-utility dispersant applicable across all pigment and particle types in resin-free and resin-minimal systems. ZetaSperse® 3800 dispersant is a solvent free 40% active in water solution, making it suitable for zero-VOC formulations. This high performance dispersant is designed for ease of use, which is an ideal choice as a single workhorse dispersant for multiple dispersions. It is also good for new formulation development and problematic formulations troubleshooting. ZetaSperse® 3800 dispersant is suitable for the stabilization and dispersion of a wide range of solids, pigments and fillers in aqueous applications, including colorants and pigment concentrations, coatings and paints, inks and graphic arts, and industrial processes.

“The launch of Surfynol® 107L and ZetaSperse® 3800 enable us to offer formulators a wide variety of options to address challenges in waterborne applications,” said Michael Zhou, Asia business manager of Air Products Additives. “These new products provide both functional and environmental benefits which is best for coating, ink and adhesive formulations. As a pioneer in water-based technology, Materials Technologies will continue to drive innovative and sustainable solutions to help our customers’ succeed,” added Zhou.

About Air Products

Air Products is one of the world-leading Industrial Gases companies celebrating 75 years of operation. The company’s core Industrial Gases business provides atmospheric and process gases and related equipment to manufacturing markets, including refining and petrochemical, metals, electronics, and food and beverage. Air Products is also the world’s leading supplier of liquefied natural gas process technology and equipment. The company’s Materials Technologies business, which Air Products intends to spin-off by September 2016, serves the semiconductor, polyurethanes, cleaning and coatings, and adhesives industries.

Source: Air Products

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