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Air Products at ACS 2014: Unveils Epoxy & Isocynate Curing Agents and Superwetting Surfactants

Published on 2014-04-09. Author : SpecialChem

Air Products introduced the latest additions to its innovative portfolio of superwetting surfactants-Dynol™ 960 and 980 superwetting surfactants & waterborne and solvent-free epoxy and isocynate curing agents for use in coating and construction applications at the American Coatings Show in Atlanta, Ga.

New Epoxy Curing Agents

Based upon the industry success of Ancamine® 2280 and Ancamide® 2353 curing agents, Air Products developed Ancamine® 2764 and Ancamide® 2767 curatives as the next generation epoxy curing agents for industrial coatings and construction applications. These two new products are formulated to offer faster cure, reduced viscosity, and improved color and color stability.

Air Products' long-standing experience in the area of high-performance epoxy curing agents for industrial maintenance applications has led to the development of Ancamine® 2748 and Ancamide® 2749 curatives, the company's next generation curing agents for use in demanding, high chemical-resistant applications.

"Air Products offers an unmatched portfolio of curing agents engineered to withstand the toughest applications and environments," said Bruce Thoet, Americas business manager for Air Products. "Our products can deliver the cost-in-use and high performance our customers demand."

New Superwetting Surfactants

Dynol 960 and 980 superwetting surfactants are designed to have a superior balance of properties, including both equilibrium and dynamic wetting, system compatibility, and low foam, compared to traditional siloxane surfactants. These two new siloxane-based superwetters complement Air Products' existing non-silicone superwetter surfactants, enabling the company to offer a complete portfolio of superwetting surfactants so that customers can quickly solve the problems associated with coating hard-to-wet substrates.

"With the launch of these new Dynol superwetters, we are now able to offer formulators an innovative portfolio of superwetting solutions, including products that are slioxane-based or siloxane-free, that can aid in film coalescence and provide flow and leveling," said Solomon Lemma, global business manager, Specialty Additives, for Air Products. "Whether your goal is to optimize formulation performance, minimize reformulation time and effort, keep your formulation costs under control, or find products less impactful to the environment, Air Products' technologies can provide the answers to your formulation needs."

Air Products is also highlighting its Airase® 4500 defoamer, a new non-mineral oil based defoamer, designed to eliminate foam, pinholes and entrapped air in water-based inks, adhesives, and coatings without generating surface defects. Airase 4500 defoamer, along with the company's other oil defoamer offerings, supplement both Air Products' Airase SSDL™ siloxane defoamer line and its unique Surfynol® molecular defoamers to provide a complete set of defoaming solutions for formulators to meet their process and performance needs.

Air Products now also offers a complete line of high performance ZetaSperse® dispersantss for resin-free and resin-containing systems, as well as a variety of performance enhancing additives for dispersion formulation. To better enable formulators in choosing the right dispersant, Air Products has developed the Formulators Assistant ZetaSperse Tool (FAZT), which allows formulators to quickly find the proper dispersant product recommendation and dispersion starting point formulation.

About Air Products

Air Products (NYSE:APD) provides atmospheric, process and specialty gases; performance materials; equipment; and technology. For over 70 years, the company has enabled customers to become more productive, energy efficient and sustainable. Recognized as one of the world's most innovative companies by both Thomson Reuters and Forbes magazine, more than 21,000 employees in over 50 countries supply effective solutions to the energy, environment and emerging markets. These include semiconductor materials, refinery hydrogen, coal gasification, natural gas liquefaction, and advanced coatings and adhesives. In fiscal 2013, Air Products had sales of $10.2 billion.

Source: Air Products

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