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Advanced Micro Polymers Introduces AMP100 Natural Polymer Based Vehicle for Water-based Packaging Inks

Published on 2011-02-09. Author : SpecialChem

Advanced Micro Polymers Inc. is pleased to announce its new natural polymer, AMP100. AMP100 is the product of 30 years research and development experience with natural polymers in the coatings industry and of close collaboration with ink manufacturers. AMP100 can be used in place of the carboxylic acid modified acrylic resins. These are typically used in water-based inks made for labels; paper based packaging materials, corrugated printing among many others.

AMP100's beneficial properties:

VOC is zero

Being made from natural polymers has its advantages. It contains no harmful ingredients and is safe for employees to handle. AMP100 is made from corn, wheat and potato. The drying is purely physical - water evaporates. No coalescing agents are needed.

Good compatibility

AMP100 is specifically designed to be compatible with a wide range of acrylic vehicles, pigments and ink additives. It is a natural product. The farm is our supplier. The focus is on performance giving the ink formulator greater flexibility. Neutral pH. Unlike dry acrylic powders or flakes, it does not need ammonia to dissolve in water. It can simply be dispersed at any point in the ink making process. Being a natural polymer the VOC is zero and it addresses the consumers growing concern about petroleum based products. AMP100 is the most cost effective way to address some of the biggest problems ink manufacturers face. It reduces cost, improves gloss and blocking, improves rewetting on the anilox, is pH neutral and improves colour strength.

High solids

AMP100 solids are higher than most resins. The solids are 60%. Therefore the viscosity is also higher. Simply add less AMP100 to the ink than the resin it replaces and make up the difference with water. This will keep the final solids and viscosity about the same.

Fewer ink making ingredients are needed

Since it has many hydroxyl groups, it rewets easily on the anilox roll on the press. In many cases, the use of glycols can be eliminated. In addition, ammonia is not needed to adjust pH. It's pH is neutral and it will function at any pH between 4 and 9. Often, the amount of other additives such as surfactants and pyrols can be reduced.

Stable viscosity

AMP100 has a stable viscosity both over time and when grinding. It is the small particle size (less than 1 µm) that is responsible for its superior performance as a grinding vehicle. It is shear stable and helps to effectively disperse pigments. It becomes the binder that provides the gloss and block resistance. By keeping the right combination of acrylics, water resistance can be maintained.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance: Gold coloured semi-opaque liquid
Density: 1.10 - 1.25 g/cm3
Viscosity: about 6,500 cps {@ 25°C}
Solids (%): about 60%
pH: 7 to 8

About Advanced Micro Polymers

Advanced Micro Polymers Inc. is a privately held company based in Ontario, Canada. It specializes in the manufacturing of natural polymers used in coatings of all kinds. Advanced Micro Polymers was founded by Ruben Lenz in January 2007 and is built on a vision of a world that respects the environment and its inhabitants by using all of the earth's resources responsibly. They work towards addressing important environmental aspects such as: preserving petroleum reserves by providing functional, natural polymers made from agricultural sources and reducing the amount of waste that goes into land fills by making compostable products.

Source: Advanced Micro Polymers

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