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ADLER Unveils ADLER Protor-Primo, a Solvent-based Primer for Glaze-finish Wooden Doors

Published on 2013-05-21. Author : SpecialChem

Visible wood, natural look and feel and yet, unique color emphasis - this is what is demanded of front doors at present. This is why glaze-finish coating structures are in vogue. In highly sectioned doors, darker wood stains, however, tend to form clouds and spots when applied using the spray technique. The developers at the ADLER factory for paints and varnishes have now overcome this problem: They have achieved this with the help of ADLER Protor-Primo, the new solvent-based primer. It can be applied using a cloth or brush and coloration without any deposits can be achieved - spotless and completely immaculate.

The company, Topic in Upper Austria has already conducted comprehensive tests on ADLER Protor-Primo. In "door manufacture", each door is produced in a customized manner according to the customer's order. The painter at Topic, Mr. Hermann Oeller, has to deal with the most diverse range of models - and often even with several "frilled" strips and sills: "Protor-Primo is particularly suitable for this, since the processing and application is very convenient: in contrast to the spray wood stain, it does not penetrate immediately but remains open for almost half an hour. I apply a thick layer and then have sufficient time to spread it all uniformly and even on the profile strips and so on. In this manner, nothing becomes cloudy or spotted", explains Mr. Hermann Oeller. "This works absolutely effortlessly, even with a brush, and there is nothing better for complicated parts. And the terrific part of it is that you can see the pores and the wood texture particularly well and clearly." ADLER Protor-Primo dries when left overnight and is then recoated with water-based products: with ADLER Aquawood Protor-Base and the glaze-finish Aquawood Protor-Finish L. It is, thus, a mixed coating system with the help of which the wooden door manufacturers achieve beautiful coloration, remarkable pore accentuation and extremely high level of resistance.

At Topic, the door manufacturing company, 70 per cent of the wooden doors are made of Oakwood. ADLER Protor-Primo can be applied directly on Oakwood and on other hardwoods. For the wood preservation required against blueing and fungus, softwoods are first impregnated with ADLER Aquawood TIM colorless.

"As far as the colors go, we have the entire range and I paint across the board. At present, particularly bright color shades are in demand", says Mr. Hermann Oeller from the company, Topic. In principle, ADLER Protor-Primo can be blended in any desired color shade so that the sky is the limit as far as the manufacturers are concerned in the design of glaze-finish wooden doors.

Apart from this "colorful argument" and the flawless coloration, the solvent-based primer coating has the advantage that it provides excellent accentuation of the pores and seals the substrate against water in the best possible way.


ADLER is a family business, rich in tradition and based in Tyrol.

Source: ADLER

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