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ADLER Sets New Standards: First Colourless Wooden Window-Frame Coating With a 5-Year Warranty

Published on 2008-06-30. Author : SpecialChem

ADLER, the Tyrol-based wooden window-frame coating specialist, has now attracted attention with some sensational news: for the first time, a colourless window-frame coating has been developed that, thanks to its excellent stability, can be used outdoors without any reservations. Moreover, the coating is of such a high quality that ADLER even gives a five-year warranty. The Aquawood Ligno+ system based on HighResÒ technology carries absolute conviction with properties that have never been seen before. A real milestone for window manufacturers!

Lignin degradation halted

A colourless coating for wooden window-frames - this is a customer requirement to which window manufacturers have always had to say "No" so far. But, the ADLER researchers have succeeded in combining a transparent look with optimum surface protection. They have mastered the crucial challenge. Namely, the durability of wood in outdoor areas depends on the lignin component of the wood. The latter is destroyed by natural UV light and can therefore no longer perform its "adhesive" function in the wood. The washing out of the lignin allows wood-staining fungi to establish themselves and the material is destroyed. The important thing, then, is to bind the lignin inside the wood. The use of nanoscale materials and the innovative HighResÒ technology have now accomplished this decisive step: The Aquawood Ligno+ system provides the wood with long-term protection against greying and degradation.

A longer lifetime

For at least five years, the window is protected and retains its fine surface - and for that, no care is needed whatsoever! ADLER gives a warranty on that. For quality-conscious wooden window-frame customers who attach importance to the natural appearance of the wood, this transparent protection is a real revolution. "Aquawood Ligno+ is yet another proof of our superior leadership in the field of innovation", Klaus Vettori, head of the Tyrolean coatings manufacturer's window industry and industrial timber construction department, exclaims delightedly. Of course, the system will be used in the time-tested three-coat paint system and will be available to all users of ADLER paint products as early as this summer. "With this product, ADLER will be continuing along the path it has successfully followed for years", Vettori stresses.

Source: ADLER

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