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Adler Launches Q10 Eco-friendly Window Coating System in a Glossy Version

Published on 2012-10-24. Author : SpecialChem

Flexibility, high resistance, high water and scratch resistance, quick processing times and environment friendly - all this is marking the new generation of the window coating system Q10. Beyond the matt version, the Q10 quality now is available in a satin glossy and glossy version.

In order to meet the future the requirements of wooden and wooden-aluminium windows, Adler's scientists enhanced the proved generation 3. The result: Q10. Especially during the construction phase, the conditions for windows become harder: Short delivery times, high humidity in the buildings and mechanical stress. The modern high-tech window coating systems have to endure all of this. With the Q10 quality from ADLER they do so.

Environmentally-friendly, excellent weathering resistance, natural optic and a soft velvet feel as usual for ADLER are self-evident. That counts for the matt version as well as for the new Q10 glossy one.

Aquawood Dickschichtlasur Q10 - a Further Step of Evolution from the ADLER Research Laboratory

Up to now - according to the painting method - for the coating of windows, different adjustments of coating materials were necessary. The new Q10 quality for the first time allows to use the same material for the manual application, as well as for the use in the e-static unit or in modern spray units.

A special mixture of selected polymer dispersions, the most modern self cross-linking mechanism, and special promoters for the wet adherence build the basic for the Q10 technology. Combined with a unique production technique, the "racehorses" between the window coating systems are created: Once the water evaporation is over, the chemical reactions start, which increase the mechanical resistance considerably and strongly enhance the adherence even on humid substrates. Furthermore, surfaces reach their required characteristics 30% more rapidly compared to traditional coating systems.

Acryl-Spritzlack Q10 - Speed Meets Resistance

Be it strong and luminous colors or decent pastel shades - for ADLER Acryl-Spritzlack Q10 nothing is impossible! High covering power and weathering resistant ferric oxide pigments guarantee a perfect surface on opaque coated wooden windows for many years. For the coating of wood types rich of extracts like larch or oak Adler recommends to apply ADLER Acryl-Spritzfüller 41002 as intermediate coat. Thanks to the most modern isolation technique, the bleeding of the extracts is nearly excluded.

Beside the numerous standard color shades, special requested colors are professionally mixable by the Promix® tinting system, also in the glossy version.


ADLER is a family business, rich in tradition and based in Tyrol.

Source: ADLER

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