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Adler Introduces Biobased Legno-Hartwachsöl Protective Oil for Wood Coatings

Published on 2012-08-28. Author : SpecialChem

Untreated wood is becoming increasingly popular but untreated also means unprotected. Therefore, natural coatings for natural wooden surfaces are in demand, like Legno-Hartwachsöl, the extra ecological protective oil for wooden furniture, floors, ceilings and more.

Opting for wood when doing interior work already means a contribution to environmental protection. The most natural of all construction materials grows back and even absorbs CO2. With Legno-Hartwachsöl by ADLER not only the material itself but also its protective coating is a joy to the environment. It fulfills the requirements for the Austrian environmental label UZ 06 for wooden furniture.

"Our Legno-Hartwachsöl is composed of natural linseed oil, sunflower oil, bees wax and carnauba wax," explains Rainer Troppmair who together with his team developed the Legno products. "It is so environmentally friendly because it has a solids content of almost 100 per cent - that means that we don't mix in any solvent." A fact from which, along with the environment, also DIY home builders benefit: as Legno-Hartwachsöl meets the criteria of the UZ 06 and other certificates it is eligible for corresponding subsidies.

In principle oiling is an uncomplicated task: the various application methods work without any problems - be it roll, brush, cotton cloth or rubber wiper. The excess is simply wiped out with a paper towel and the work is done. For professionals it is also important that Legno-Hartwachsöl dries fast to not overly delay the workflow. In addition, a single coat is sufficient for the perfect result.

About Adler

ADLER is a family business, rich in tradition and based in Tyrol.

Source: Adler

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