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Adler Develops Bio-based Legno Hard Wax Oil for Finishing Wood Products

Published on 2012-03-15. Author : SpecialChem

Those who choose wood for their interior decoration, also contribute to environmental conservation. The most natural of all materials can regenerate itself and can even bind CO2 in the process. Wood, however, also needs to be preserved so that furniture, parquet flooring, stairs and ceilings can remain beautiful for a long time. For the Legno hard wax oil, not only the material, but also its preservative layer is a great asset to the environment. "Legno hard wax oil consists of natural linseed, sunflower oil, bees and Carnauba wax," explains Rainer Troppmair who has developed the Legno range of products together with his team. "It is thus, so compatible with the environment since it has a solid body proportion of almost 100% - this means that we do not add any solvents to it. Apart from the environment, builders, too, benefit from it, since Legno hard wax oil meets the criteria of numerous environmental seals and is approved for their appropriate sponsorship.

Super Bright: Legno-Color

Legno-Color was developed for those who like their wood in different color shades. The local ADLER color expert in your area can blend the oil using his color blending machine in most color shades of your choice. This is how you can magically and effortlessly transform your oak parquet into a trendy, dark floor or 'style' your couch table to match your new sofa. Add a new dimension to the options for designing oiled surfaces.

After an application of Legno-Color, the topcoat then provides optimal preservation with the colorless Legno Oil or Legno Wax, appealing grain accentuation, and - for floors and carpets - even an anti-slip surface of class R10.

Super Light: Everybody can use Oil

The new Legno range by ADLER now brings the knowledge and experience of professionals to DIY enthusiasts. Oiling is generally a simple thing: with various forms of application - ranging from roller brushes to brushes and cotton cloths, through to rubber wipers - they all work just fine. The excess quantity is then simply wiped down with a paper cloth and finished!

When you use the Legno hard wax oil, you only need a single application for the perfect finish. Legno-Color and Legno-Oil also dry very quickly. The gel-like Legno-Color is particularly easy to apply. Regardless of what you are doing, using the Legno product range from ADLER makes everything seem child's play.

About Adler

ADLER is a family business, rich in tradition and based in Tyrol.

Source: Adler

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