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Additives for Brilliant Powder Coatings: BYK®-3900 P and BYK®-3931 P

Published on 2006-08-21. Author : SpecialChem

The coated surfaces of washing machines, motorbikes or bicycles are expected to be perfect. With BYK-3900 P, BYK-Chemie offers an additive to meet these market requirements. The special quality of BYK-3900 P: the newly developed leveling and anti-crater additive increases the coating's tolerance to impurities thanks to its "post-wetting" effect. Paint particles that enter the coating through the ambient air no longer appear on the surface.

Additives for Brilliant Powder Coatings: BYK®-3900 P and BYK®-3931 P

Whether it's dust, air-borne paint particles or inadequately cleaned application equipment - potential contaminants "lie in wait" everywhere. Mostly invisible to the naked eye, they can produce unwanted side effects in powder coatings. Craters or pinholes are the result, making the surface uneven.

The new synergist for powder coatings BYK-3931 P is the right choice for low-cost formulations. When producers of powder coatings base their recipes on resins of a poor quality, it can happen that, despite using a standard leveling additive, surface defects such as craters, pinholes or orange peel occur. To avoid this, powder coating producers can simply add a very low dosage of BYK-3931 P and solve their quality problems this way. As it is used in combination with standard leveling additives there is no need for reformulation. Due to its fine molecular structure, BYK-3931 Prapidly gets to the surface of powder coatings, where it exhibits a strong interfacial activity (interface coating/air) and provides a homogeneous surface tension.

Both BYK-3900 P and BYK-3931 P are suitable for all powder coating systems (including UV curing systems).

Source: BYK-Chemie

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