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ACC Silicones Unveils AS1525, a Silicone Adhesive Designed for Use in Fabrics Coating

Published on 2011-06-27. Author : SpecialChem

AS1525 is a 1-Part RTV Silicone adhesive designed for use in coating the fabrics used in the hosiery and medical industries. This flow able silicone will settle into the fabric and create a permanent adhesive bond. The rheology has been balanced to allow penetration of the fabric without allowing the silicone to strike through on the reverse side. This feature is especially important for hosiery applications where the silicone is applied to elasticized lace with an open weave.

AS1525 has good elongation of up to 190% which will allow it to move with elasticated fabrics without breaking or loosing adhesion. Silicone will withstand rigerpous washing cycles and provide long term service in line with the life of the garment or medical appliance.

Silicone has natural grip when in contact with the skin, this feature makes it ideal for applying to hosiery and medical appliances that are held in place through pressure exerted by the elastic and grip against the skin. Silicone will not cause irritation or discomfort to the wearer.

After being applied to the fabric the silicone will cure at room temperature and skin over and become tack free in approx. 7 minutes. Application of the silicone can be done as a continuous bead, dots or as thin coating.

Key Product Features Include:

  • 1- Part formulation - no mixing
  • Translucent color
  • Room temperature cure
  • Good elongation
  • Good adhesion
  • Supplied in 20kg pails for bulk dispensing
  • Non toxic

About ACC Silicones

ACC Silicones manufacture silicone in many forms, RTV adhesive, sealant, moulding rubber, gels and fluids. They provide technical support for all ACC Silicone products supplied into mainland Europe and the Middle East.

Source: ACC Silicones

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