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A New Generation of Adhesion promoters for Printing Inks

Published on 2006-11-14. Author : SpecialChem

The use of titanates in flexible packaging inks began in the early 1970's when, as Tioxide Intermediates, we were asked by a leading ink producer to supply Titanium Acetylacetonate as an adhesion promoter in nitrocellulose based inks. In addition to the excellent adhesion properties, this product, branded as TilcomTM TAA, also enhanced the water, solvent and heat resistance properties of the ink, and was initially used for printing NC/PU inks onto biaxially orientated co-extruded polypropylene. By 1976 we introduced a non-freezing version - TilcomTM PI2 and both these products are still used extensively today under the VERTECTM brand for printing onto a variety of substrates.

Despite performing well in the inks - TilcomTM TAA and PI2, suffered two problems - high odour and colour. In 1986, under the new name of Tioxide Specialties, we introduced TilcomTM IA10, which was specifically designed to avoid the problems of odour and colour that had limited the use of the Acetylacetone based products.

By the late 1990's, the business became known as the VERTECTM business, and our products rebranded under the now familiar VERTECTM name. VERTECTM IA10, as it is now called, is a world leader in its field and has become well established as the key additive to improve ink performance on flexible packaging, although issues with ink stability and a reduced adhesion level compared to the Acetylacetonate products meant that all 3 grades continue to be used in various applications.

With the recent well publicised issues surrounding the use of Acetylacetone (2,4-pentanedione) as a flavouring in food and the implications this may have on the use of adhesion promoters containing Acetylacetone in inks used on film for food packaging applications, we, at VERTECTM, have been developing the next generation of Ink Adhesion Promoters, focussed on achieving maximum adhesion without the use of Acetylacetone in the product.

As an interim stage VERTECTM Jupiter was launched to the ink industry. This product demonstrated similar properties to IA10, at reduced concentrations - saving our customers money through reduced material consumption. Key though was recognition that the adhesion properties of TAA and PI2 were still proving elusive even for the JUPITER formulation.

pH (Value)
2 (10% solution)
Flash Point (Deg C)
Solubility (Water)
Hydrolysed by water
Solubility (Other)
Miscible with most alcohols and ester solvents
Specific Gravity (25°C)
Viscosity (mPa.s) (25°C)

Further extensive product development has now been concluded, and the VERTECTM business is delighted to announce the arrival of VERTECTM NOVA.


With the step change improvement in stability and adhesion of VERTECTM NOVA products it is now possible for solvent based ink producers to use just ONE adhesion promoter in all their formulations, thus the VERTECTM NOVA products have been designed to replaced IA10, PI2 and TAA, providing a one product solution.

Additionally, we have found that the amount of ketone resins used in some solvent based packaging inks can often be reduced by using a VERTECTM NOVA additive, and in some cases the resin can be removed completely, thus adding to further cost savings for the formulator.

Johnson Matthey Catalysts has been at the forefront of Ink Adhesion promoter development and VERTECTM NOVA is the latest proprietary range of products from the worlds leading developer of novel Organo-titanate Chemistry.

At VERTECTM we believe that NOVA products will be capable of replacing ink adhesion promoters in most applications. It is truly a case of a one product solution, and will allow the inks industry to make a significant step forward in meeting the current and future standards required of it's ink formulations.

The VERTECTM Business is part of the Johnson Matthey Catalyst business and is based at Haverton, Billingham, in the North East of England. It was formerly known under a number of business names - Tioxide Intermediates, Tioxide Specialities and ICI VERTEC and has in the past 45 years developed more than 50 new chemical species to satisfy the requirements of the inks and coatings industries.

Source: Johnson Matthey Catalysts

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