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3M Introduces Innovative, New Treatment for ScotchBlue Painter's Tapes

Published on 2010-05-10. Author : SpecialChem

LAS VEGAS -- Today at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, 3M introduces Edge-Lock™ Paint Line Protector, which incorporates an innovative, advanced technology for the ScotchBlue™ family of painter's tapes that helps keep the paint out to produce super sharp paint lines. Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector is a 3M proprietary, patent-pending treatment designed to help improve paint lines by using the properties of paint to avoid seepage and make clean, crisp lines.

Even as consumers continue to scale back, painting projects continue to be the No. 1 home improvement project among both seasoned and inexperienced do-it-yourselfers. The Edge-Lock treatment enhances the premium benefits of ScotchBlue Painter's Tapes while providing additional insurance for those who don't have a lot of experience and need an extra edge. Edge-Lock Protector helps make it easier for all DIY enthusiasts to achieve the sharp paint lines they desire, while offering clean removal and no surface damage. Professional paint contractors will continue to see the great benefits they have come to expect from ScotchBlue Painter's Tapes.

"As paint technology advances so do consumers' needs," said William Jonson, 3M business unit manager. "3M is committed to remaining innovative and providing solutions to consumers. We challenged our scientists to develop a solution to better address current DIYers' needs, and they delivered the technology behind Edge-Lock treatment, which now makes super sharp paint lines and clean removal easier than ever."

Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector is not like other paint blocking technologies. The new and enhanced adhesive formulation along with the 3M proprietary treatment work together to create a barrier that helps to improve paint lines. It leaves no chemical residue, no paint ridges and there is no need for a storage container to protect the tape.

Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector will enhance both ScotchBlue Painter's Tape for Delicate Surface and Multi-Surface, giving home improvement enthusiasts an ideal solution for every surface and paint project.

The products now featuring Edge-Lock Treatment include:

Advanced Delicate Surface with Edge-Lock™ Paint Line Protector

  • Safe on freshly painted surfaces (24 hours old)
  • Walls, trim, hardwood floors and glass
  • Low VOC paints
  • UV resistant for 60-day clean removal
  • Medium-low adhesion
  • Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector helps keep paint out for super sharp lines

Advanced Multi-Surface with Edge-Lock™ Paint Line Protector

  • Walls, trim, hardware and glass
  • UV resistant for 14-day clean removal time
  • Medium adhesion
  • Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector helps keep paint out for super sharp lines

The new ScotchBlue Painter's Tapes with Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector will be available at home centers with a suggested retail price of $4.99-$14.97.

About 3M

A recognized leader in research and development, 3M produces thousands of innovative products for dozens of diverse markets. 3M's core strength is applying its more than 40 distinct technology platforms - often in combination - to a wide array of customer needs. With $25 billion in sales, 3M employs 75,000 people worldwide and has operations in more than 60 countries.

Source: 3M

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