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Zircotec Provided Thermal Management for 3,000bhp Drag Car

Published on 2010-12-16. Author : SpecialChem

Zircotec, the ceramic coating specialists will be a technical partner for the official VXR drag racing team in 2011.

Team principal Andy Frost says, "We have used Zircotec's durable ceramic coating on Red Victor 2, our 2,200bhp drag car, with great success for a number of years. The exhaust manifolds and turbos on the car put out an amazing amount of heat yet, the Zircotec ceramic coating performed extremely well and never failed. We are very happy that they will be coating Red Victor 3's whole exhaust and turbo housing in their ThermoHold ceramic material, particularly as there are some very delicate components around the exhaust area, which if not heat managed could get severely damaged."

Peter Whyman, sales director of Zircotec adds, "We are pleased to be involved with the Red Victor 3 project. This car will deliver more than 3,000 bhp and will generate massive amounts of heat. This is the kind of application that a Zircotec heat resistant coating excels in. High performance engines require careful thermal management to perform at their optimum. Our coating will protect fuel and electrical systems from the effects of heat whilst also ensuring a performance advantage."

About Zircotec

Zircotec developed a range of ultra high performance plasma-sprayed ceramic coatings to protect components from the effects of fire, heat, wear, abrasion and corrosion.

Source: Zircotec

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