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ZAO Empils has Exceeded the Production Volume of 2002

Published on 2003-10-27. Author : SpecialChem

According to the results of 9 months' work of the current year, ZAO Empils, the leader of paint and varnish industry in Russia (a member of Novoe Sodrugestvo Industrial Union) manufactured 69 314 tons of products (58 784 tons of paints and varnishes and 10 530 tons of zinc white). For comparison, last year 66 976 tons of paints and varnishes and zinc white were manufactured at the plant. Thus, from January to September 2003 the Rostov paint and vanish plant manufactured more products than in the whole 2002.

Empils' industrial success is determined by a number of factors. The important role in the output increase of the enterprise belongs to the timely technical modernization. For example, by the painting season of 2003 the plant divisions saw installation of additional paint and varnish equipment, maintenance work, use of a totally different and much more effective system of industrial logistics. The actions increased the enamels shop productivity by 15 %, and varnishes shop productivity by 10 %. Empils' industrial volumes are calculated on the basis of the distributors' requests that show increased demand for branded products, for Oreol and Rastsvet paints and varnishes first of all.

ZAO Empils plans to manufacture about 70 thousand tons of paints and varnishes and about 14 thousand tons of zinc white by the end of 2003. Thus the enterprise intends to retain its leading position in the paint and varnish and zinc white branches. Now about 15 % of paint and varnish production volume in Russia and more than a half of domestic market for zinc white belongs to Empils. Both indices are the highest in the branch.

Source: ZAO Empils

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