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Xiom Corp. Launches Latin American Marketing Campaign

Published on 2007-12-21. Author : SpecialChem

WEST BABYLON, N.Y. -- Xiom Corporation, developers and manufacturers of the first completely portable polymer powder coating spray system, has launched a marketing campaign to increase awareness of the company in Latin America. Marlon Evora, a former resident of both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, has been named marketing manager for Latin America. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Evora had extensive experience in wholesaling before joining Xiom.

In addition to advertising in various publications, one of the first steps in the campaign is to develop a network of distributors in Latin America. According to Evora, "The market for thermal spray powders and equipment is projected to exceed 1 billion USD annually. Almost every manufactured item can benefit from a protective coating to increase its durability. Xiom's revolutionary powder coating system and coatings are posed to become industry leaders because they provide superior performance, low cost and ease of use while being environmentally friendly."

With the Xiom system, it is possible for the first time to powder coat anything of any size, indoors or out. With conventional powder coating, objects that are coated must be cured in large ovens, which makes conventional powder coating very costly and prevents it from being portable. Xiom's portable system can be used anywhere compressed air is available.

Xiom has also developed a complete line of unique mixed polymer coatings to be used with its spray system. Because these coatings are actually a hard plastic, they are more durable and weather-resistant than conventional powder coating and there is no dripping, no overspray problems and absolutely no VOCs (volatile organic chemicals). Xiom's coatings line comes in many colors and has a wide variety of uses. In addition to prolonging the life of structures by providing weatherproofing and preventing corrosion, specialized coatings protect marine hulls, reducing maintenance costs and cutting fuel consumption. Other coatings provide for easy removable of graffiti, create non-slip surfaces or glow in the dark. In addition, Xiom Corp. manufactures a line of powders for industrial release and grip coatings. Many of Xiom's powders can be configured with anti-microbial properties to reduce germs.

According to Evora, Xiom's distributors in Latin America "will have a valuable and unique new product line that fulfills major needs in a variety of industries: painting, marine, petrochemical, construction… And they'll have the benefit of Xiom's sales, marketing and technical staff members."

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Source: Xiom Corporation

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