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Xaar, iTi and Cima NanoTech collaboration debuts at SID 2006

Published on 2006-06-02. Author : SpecialChem

Visitors to SID 2006 will be able to witness the result of the collaboration between Xaar, ITI and Cima NanoTech to produce an off-the-shelf solutions for silver nanoparticle inkjet printing for the electronic industry. On booth 1709, representative from each company will demonstrate and discuss how bringing their core competencies together has delivered significant benefits to the manufacturer of products such as flat panel displays, RFID tags, fuel cells and electronic components.

The project combines Xaar's innovative piezoelectric inkjet technology with iTi's XY Materials Deposition System(XYMDS), a precision fabrication tool for digitally printed electronics, and Cima NanoTech's proprietary nanomaterial ink technologies for the electronics industry.

Digital Printing via piezoelectric inkjet offers important cost and time saving advantages over traditional electronics manufacturing methods. As an additive manufacturing method, inkjet printing offers more efficient materials utilisation and a reduction in waste. Inkjet delivers increased flexibility by enabling the production of 1-off prototypes and quick turn and volume products. It holds the promise of increased compatibility with a much wider range of fluids and substrates for additional flexibility and cost savings in the future.

About Xaar

Based in Cambridge, UK Xaar plc is a market-leading inkjet technology company. It targets the world's industrial, commercial, and office printing markets. The industrial and commercial printing markets are targeted by Xaar's own range of inkjet products in conjugation with leading industry partners and other key players in those markets.

About ITI

Imaging Technology International Corportation(ITI), is an established leader in inkjet integration, with a 14-year track record of engineering, developing, and manufacturing industrial inkjet deposition and printing solutions.ITI offers a comprehensive range of inkjet development tools that deliver outstanding performance and cost-effective operation for high-value production processes. ITI is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

About Cima NanoTech

Cima NanoTech is an advanced materials company specializing in nanomaterials for the electronics industry. The company's commercial scale nanomaterial production and advanced formulation capability have resulted in the development of innovative technologies like inks for use in printed electronics and other applications, as well as self-assembled transparent conductive coating used in areas such as EMI shielding for plasma displays. The company serves the global electronics industry through its presence in Japan(via TodaCima Nano Technology), US and Korea, as well as its main technical development facilities in Israel.

Source: Cima NanoTech

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