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Wolff Opens Technical Center in Moscow

Published on 2003-10-27. Author : SpecialChem

In collaboration with WACKER, Wolff Cellulosics is continuing to expand its customer services in Russia. The German chemical company Wacker, whose specialities include redispersible powders, opened its technical center for construction applications in Moskau on October 11. Wolff Cellulosics will have access to all the facilities. A team of six marketing and technical specialists will serve the customers in the Russian Federation.

"Wolff Cellulosics now operates technical centers on all continents where business is conducted," said Dr. Burkhard Kressdorf, marketing manager for building material additives.

The key to success: expertise coupled with a good knowledge of local conditions Wolff Cellulosics is the competence center for cellulose chemistry within the Bayer Group, producing and marketing highly effective Walocel methyl cellulose for construction materials. "The technical center in Moscow enables us to solve problems encountered by CIS customers even faster than before," Kressdorf explained.

Providing service locally is the key to this geographically gigantic market. "Our staff speak Russian and they have an excellent knowledge of the market and the construction sector as well as knowing all about modern building materials and the relevant test methods." Wolff Cellulosics offers its customers standard-compliant testing and assistance with product development.

Boosting development Russia is the pivot around which the CIS states revolve. Kressdorf emphasized: "For us the Russian Federation is currently the market with the greatest potential. But also Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan are regions where there is a rapidly growing demand."

The East European market is continuing to develop and ready-mixed dry mortars are gaining ever-increasing importance. "It is now time to boost this progress systematically by providing support such as practical training and seminars. These schemes are already offered jointly by Wolff Cellulosics and Wacker.

"The training and information we provide can be seen as an important instrument with which we and, for example, plastering machine suppliers can demonstrate the benefits of our latest products to current and future dry mortar producers," Kressdorf added.

Walocel methyl cellulose improves the quality and processing properties of building materials such as dry mortars, tile adhesives and jointing compounds. The second area covered by Wolff Cellulosics for this sector includes dispersion-based systems such as emulsion paints and ready-to-use building materials.

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