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Winning the 2007 European Championship with Glasurit paints

Published on 2006-12-22. Author : SpecialChem

Münster -- For 20 years now, Gerd Körber's been giving all he's got. His passion is truck racing, the Formula 1 of mighty trucks. Körber has subjected his racing truck, which is coated with BASF Coatings' Glasurit paints, to real endurance tests. Körber, 43, is a three-time winner of the European Championship. In 2006 he was the runner-up, while 2005 saw him nab bronze. With 2007 marking his 20th season of truck racing, however, Körber has his eye on only one prize: first place at the European Championship.

When Körber goes to races, the parrot, Glasurit's logo, always goes along for the ride. The mascot appears on the mirrors of his truck ("The best way for me to get a good look at the competition is when they're in back of me.") and on Körber's jumpsuit. "He's my lucky charm," Körber says with a smile. The parrot has done well for him, both at the racetrack and on the job. It was no surprise to see Körber, a native of southern German village of Helmlingen, at the Glasurit paint production site in Münster, where he was updated on the production process and all other kinds of Glasurit-related issues.

He and his brother operate a bodyshop as well as a panelshop and logistics business. "Racing and refinishing are a great combination," says Körber. They both call for top-of-the-line quality, speed, and precision. According to Körber, robust, eco-friendly, and high-quality paints are what really count with the trucks. He relies on Glasurit 68 Line.

"The advantages of 68 Line are fast application, short flash-off times, and short booth times. Time is of the essence in the field of racing," says Körber. Another advantage is the low material consumption. And ensuring that the truck always looks its best during TV broadcasts is key as well. Körber says, "The hiding power is fantastic, and there's no better way to match color and effect." Also, as fewer solvents are emitted during the entire painting process, 68 Line makes work in the bodyshop safer. Körber also wanted to demonstrate that truck racing and sustainability can go hand in hand. In 2004 he introduced Glasurit®'s eco-friendly 68 Line for commercial vehicles at his bodyshop. It complies with the high environmental demands posed by the European legislation.

Source: BASF

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