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WESEECO Offers On-Line Course in Adhesion and Coating Processes

Published on 2003-08-06. Author : SpecialChem

WESEECO LLC, provider of computer based Learning Systems for higher education, industry and professional societies, introduces a new course, Adhesion, available On-line in addition to CDROM and Web Download versions.

Authors: Alphonsus V. Pocius and D.Fennell Evans.

Fundamental concepts of adhesion and adhesives are explained through the use of graphics, interactive exercises and examples of practical usage. A Concept Map outlines each step in the adhesion process along with the relevant technical issues. Chemical structures and formulation pathway are provided for key adhesives. The course contains 9 modules: Introduction to Adhesion, Interaction Forces, Surface Tension, Polymers, Testing of Adhesive Systems, Practical Adhesion, Structural Adhesives, Elastomer Based Adhesives, and Hot Melt Adhesives.

Prices: On-line subscription $49, Download $69, CDROM $79.

Other courses available from WESEECO: Interfacial Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, and Heat Transfer. The WESEECO Course Collection provides access to all four courses plus provides a Master Index that contains more than 1400 searchable topics.

WESEECO's Interfacial Engineering consists of 20 modules that include: Colloids, Surface Tension, Polymers, Composites, Coating processes, and Vapor Deposition. Fundamental mechanisms of surfactant action and rheological modifiers are explained. The Coating module introduces the basic concepts of liquid film coating methods including slot die, curtain coating, and roller coating. The Vapor Deposition module presents the basic methods of vacuum coating: Physical Vapor Deposition, Sputtering, Chemical Vapor Deposition and Molecular Beam Epitaxy. Common defects are explained. Both of the coating modules are practical explanations of basic methods and underlying mechanisms.

WESEECO Learning Systems use computer technology to enhance the learning process.

Concepts are developed using graphics and animations. Images are emphasized; wordy explanations avoided.

Optional spurs provide access to theoretical derivations, detailed explanations, data and worked examples.

The table of contents and the indexes associated with each course permit access to every page with two clicks of your mouse. Thus, the Leaning System also functions as an efficient desktop reference.

WESEECO is pleased to provide guidance on the use of our products to meet your training needs. Visit our web site www.weseeco.com or call toll free 877-482-8744.


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