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WD Servicesannounces new GFS advancecure Accelera

Published on 2010-07-15. Author : SpecialChem

WD Services of Stowe announces the availability of the new AdvanceCure™ Accelerated Airflow System. AdvanceCure, manufactured by Global Finishing Solutions (GFS), provides the ultimate solution for accelerated drying of airborne paints for the auto-refinishing industry.

"Water-based products, like primers, basecoats and clears were introduced as an alternative to using the older auto refinish coatings that emitted harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCSs) during the evaporation / flash off / drying cycle," said Bill Dukes, Equipment Sales for WD Services. "GFS developed the AdvanceCure Accelerated Airflow System to help body shops be more productive, more efficient and more profitable. AdvanceCure accomplished these tasks by greatly reducing the amount of time needed to cure or dry any type of coating, be it waterborne or solvent -based."

According to Dukes, the key to AdvanceCure's amazing results is in the convection-type airflow it creates.

"This type of airflow dramatically improves the heat transfer from the air to the painted panels, and provides much more even heat distribution over the entire vehicle," he said. "By reducing the amount of time required for each paint job, AdvanceCure helps put more jobs through the body shop in the same amount of time, uses less energy per job, and actually improves the final finish quality."

Regional body shops that have contracted with WD Services to install AdvanceCure include Noaker's Auto Body in Duncannon, PA. Owner Bob Noaker commented, "I have been using AdvanceCure Towers for nine months. Our dry time has decreased by 10-15 minutes per car. Our overall finish of the car has also improved."

WD Services also completed a recent installation at Pompey Collision Center in Kingston, PA. "I have been working with Bill Dukes for the last 4 1/2years," said Pompey's Doc Coyler. "The Ultra-Plus booth has been fantastic. There is not a better booth out on today's market."

One of the most recent installs was at the new Fred Beans in Boyertown which included the Ultra Downdraft Spray booth, Paint Mixing room, Closed-top / Open-front booth and AdvanceCure towers.

Additional installs for AdvanceCure towers in Pennsylvania include Harner's Auto Body (Birdsboro), Hanover Collision (Hanover), Albert's Body Shop (Lebanon) and Keenan Auto Body (Chadds Ford).

Source: WD Services

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