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Water-based Wood Preservative 'ADLER Lignovit Protect' Shields Energy-efficient Raiffeisen Colony, Innsbruck

Published on 2011-08-05. Author : SpecialChem

The Raiffeisen residential centre in the energy-saving housing colony in Innsbruck is the result of several years of experience. It is experience that the company, Schafferer Holzbau, has accumulated over twenty years with the development and implementation of solid wood houses. And experience, that characterises ADLER since many decades in matters of wood preservation. The result: A dream house made of larch wood, purely natural and best protected by ADLER Lignovit Protect, the high-performance water-based wood preservative.

Invisible Protection

The Centre for consultancy, training and exhibitions of the Raiffeisen Bank has been set up on a plot 300m2 in size. The environmental-friendly and climate-friendly passive or zero-energy house that captivates with a facade made of unplaned larch wood that conveys a sense of natural unsophistication. The water-based wood preservative from ADLER, Lignovit Protect, is invisible at first sight. However, as time goes by, it becomes apparent what is behind it.

Sun Cream For The House

The colorless Lignovit Protect takes care to ensure that the wood appears as beautiful as it did on the first day. Thanks to the revolutionary and highly effective light stabilizer and an excellent nano-based hydrophobing, the unplaned larch wood of the Raiffeisen Wohncenter (Residential Centre) and every other softwood facade retains its natural appearance.

With Lignovit Protect Finish and the impregnation, Lignovit Protect Grund (Primer), there is a wood preserative available for industrial and commercial use for the first time that reduces the fading caused by UV light. The most modern and highly active UV absorbers stailize the wood and absorb the harmful UV light in a manner similar to that of sun cream. In addition, nano technology provides an extraordinarily high level of water-repellent effect, which pretects the wood from moisture and enhances the life of the construction material immensely. For solid woods, they are as beautiful as they were on the first day!

About ADLER Lacke

ADLER is a family business, rich in tradition and based in Tyrol. It is one of the leaders in wood preservatives and paints.

Source: ADLER Lacke

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