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Wacker to Exhibit Innovative Silicone Products for Paints & Coatings at ABRAFATI 2011

Published on 2011-11-04. Author : SpecialChem

MUNICH / SAO PAULO -- Innovative polymer and silicone products for paints, coatings, sealants and adhesives are among the products presented by the WACKER Group at ABRAFATI 2011, the international tradeshow for suppliers to the paints and coatings industry in São Paulo, Brazil. WACKER will introduce SILRES®IC 368, a new liquid but solventless silicone resin intermediate for highly weatherable coatings, the first time ever at a South American exhibition. WACKER is also showcasing VINNAPAS® EF8300 and VINNAPAS®EF8001. These polymer dispersions enable high-quality coatings formulated without using plasticizers or solvents. They are also manufactured without the use of alkylphenol ethoxylates or formaldehyde donors. Additional highlights are VINNOL®H 30/48 M, a purely ester-soluble surface coating resin for heat-sealed closure systems, GENIOSIL® N fast-curing high performance adhesives and sealants, and silicone resin emulsion paints for facade coatings. ABRAFATI will be held in São Paulo from November 21 to 23, 2011.

The Munich based WACKER Group will showcase several new products at this year's ABRAFATI tradeshow. "WACKER will not only focus on new polymer binders and silicone based additives for the paint and coatings industry. We will also present innovative and sustainable solutions for construction purposes, such as ultra-fast curing adhesives and sealants and water and dirt repellent silicones for masonry protection," said Danilo Timich, Managing Director of Wacker Quimica do Brasil. The WACKER subsidiary has expanded significantly over the past years. "The South American paint and coating industry shows healthy growth rates and is therefore very attractive for us. Due to our innovative products and our solution-driven expertise, supported by our Technical Center in São Paulo, we are prepared to leverage further growth potentials in this region."

Among the novel products at ABRAFATI, WACKER will present a solventless silicone resin intermediate which significantly boosts the protection and durability of coatings. The new silicone resin, recently launched as SILRES®IC 368, is formulated in such a way that an addition of just 15 percent increases the UV resistance and weatherability of the organic binder in the coating system, without impairing its mechanical properties. Lab and open-air weathering tests show that coating systems enhanced with SILRES®IC 368 exhibit much better gloss retention, superior weatherability and a longer service life, along with improved heat resistance.

SILRES®IC 368 is a liquid with low viscosity which can be processed without organic solvents. When this intermediate is cooked with the same proportion of alkyd and silicone resin, the resultant viscosity is one third of the value obtained with solid silicone resins. This means that SILRES®IC 368 is very useful for combination resins that have an extremely high solids content, yet sufficiently low viscosity, e.g. for low-solvent, high-solids topcoats.

This highly versatile new intermediate is suitable for modifying alkyd resins, hydroxy-functional acrylic resins and hydroxy-functional poly-esters that are commonly used for the industrial coating of wood and metal (including coil coating). The new silicone resin also raises the bar in terms of efficiency. The same amount of SILRES®IC 368 enables binder manufacturers to achieve a much greater effect than was previously possible with silicone intermediates.

VINNAPAS® Dispersions for High-Quality Decorative Paints

Two recent additions to the VINNAPAS® line, EF8300 and EF8001, are ideal for interior decorative paints and coatings that combine high performance with a reduced environmental impact. Further, these vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer (VAE) dispersions are more than capable of meeting challenging demands in terms of use and performance while offering a good cost/benefit ratio.

VINNAPAS®EF8300 was developed specifically for high performance interior architectural coating formulations and is particularly suited for flat through semi-gloss applications. The dispersion combines excellent properties such as good block resistance, scrub resistance and wet adhesion with the ability to formulate paints with a low VOC content (volatile organic compounds, < 5="" g/l).="" the="" new="" vinnapas®ef8001="" grade="" further="" features="" excellent="" touch-up="" properties="" even="" at="" low="" temperatures="" as="" well="" as="" outstanding="" scrub="" resistance.="" the="" product="" is="" recommended="" especially="" for="" flat="" through="" mid-sheen="">

Both products have a reduced environmental impact, as they are manufactured without the use of formaldehyde donors or alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO). In addition, their low glass transition temperature (Tg) and minimum film formation temperature (MFFT) provide the polymers with a very low to no cosolvent demand for homogenous film formation. As both VINNAPAS®EF8300 and VINNAPAS®EF8001 are also very low in residual vinyl acetate monomer (VAM < 200 ppm), they are ideally suited for formulating high-quality coatings with a low VOC content.

VINNOL® Surface Coating Resins: Versatile and Cost-Effective

WACKER's VINNOL® line contains a wide range of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate copolymers, both with and without functional groups. This enables a wide range of applications.

At ABRAFATI, WACKER will focus on VINNOL®H 30/48 M, a surface-coating resin with carboxyl groups. It is notable for its excellent solubility in pure esters, where it yields a clear, colorless solution, without the use of any ketones. This opens up all kinds of application possibilities. Lower raw-material costs also generate cost savings. The product can be heat-sealed at low temperatures because it has a higher content of vinyl acetate in the polymer backbone. For this reason, VINNOL®H 30/48 M is perfect for packaging heat-sensitive pharmaceuticals and foods, such as cheese and yogurt.

GENIOSIL®STP-E - Hybrid Adhesives with Turbo Power

The future belongs to adhesives offering the combination of strength and elasticity needed for a broad range of challenging applications. WACKER has developed its innovative GENIOSIL®STP-E technology especially for this class of adhesives.

GENIOSIL® is based on alpha-silanes that exhibit extremely high reactivity. This can be exploited to produce completely novel, fast-curing, one-component adhesives and sealants. The alpha-effect even permits the formulation of tin-free systems - representing a technological leap in user safety. Adhesives formulated with GENIOSIL®STP-E possess outstanding mechanical properties. They do not require labeling, formulations being free of plasticizers and solvents. GENIOSIL®STP-E is used in numerous sophisticated adhesive formulations, e.g. in the automotive sector, in container construction and for bonding parquet floors.

WACKER also uses GENIOSIL® STP-E prepolymers for the formulation of a new range of adhesives and sealants called GENIOSIL®N. The product line includes a large selection of ready-formulated products. These range from highly elastic sealants (GENIOSIL®N25 and GENIOSIL®N35) to the mirror adhesive GENIOSIL®N45, to the high-strength, plasticizer-free adhesive GENIOSIL®N70. WACKER's crystal-clear sealant GENIOSIL® N35C is indispensible for interior applications such as furniture and cabinet construction, especially when the adhesive joint shouldn't be visible.

Silicone Resin Emulsion Paints for Effective Facade Protection

Silicone resin emulsion paints (SREP®) rank among the most advanced facade coating systems. The reason for their huge success is the combination of outstanding properties of mineral and synthetic-resin-bound paints. These include excellent water-vapor permeability, extremely low water absorption and exceptional durability.

This means that silicone resin emulsion paints provide buildings with lasting protection from the damaging effects of water and humidity, such as cracking or spalling. Paints with added silicone resin are both breathable and water-repellent - ideal properties for the all-round protection of buildings. High-grade silicone resin emulsion paints are also extremely cost-effective, since their exceptional durability greatly increases intervals between renovations. Silicone resin emulsion paints thus actively contribute to preserving the value of every structure.

Further Highlights at ABRAFATI 2011:

  • GENIOSIL®W Waterproofing Liquid Membranes

    GENIOSIL®W liquid membranes are based on special alpha-silane-terminated hybrid polymers. These products are ready-to use, one-component and solvent-free - thus virtually odorless - and display good adhesion on many substrates even without primer. The moisture-curing products form a stable, tack-free surface, are waterproof, yet vapor-permeable. Furthermore the products are UV & weathering resistant. GENIOSIL®W is especially suitable for permanent waterproofing of large surfaces such as flat roofs, balconies, patios and basement walls.

  • SILRES®BS - Masonry Protection with Silicones

    SILRES®BS is WACKER's product class for masonry protection. Silicone-based masonry water repellents currently provide the most effective protection against moisture decay. SILRES®BS masonry protection products from WACKER provide an effective response to all practical masonry protection problems in the form of paints, plasters, impregnation and masonry injection materials with hydrophobic properties.

  • SILRES®MSE 100 for Heat-Resistant Coatings

    SILRES®MSE 100 is a liquid methoxyfunctional methyl polysiloxane resin for coating stove pipes, chimneys and combustion plants. The product is curable in less than 15 minutes - even at room temperature -, and yet highly heat-resistant. SILRES®MSE 100 is the ideal binder for heat-resistant coatings for industrial or automotive applications and household appliances.

  • VINNAPAS® Dispersible Powders with Enhanced Properties

    VINNAPAS® E-class dispersible polymer powders enhance workability, good adhesion to all substrates, greater flexibility and flexural strength, and improved weather resistance, and can also be combined with VINNAPAS® products from other classes. This makes them particularly suitable for challenging construction applications such as plasters, cement-based sealing slurries, self-leveling compounds and tile adhesives (even for large formats). Semi-flexible cementitious sealing slurries provide superior performance when formulated with VINNAPAS® E-class and VINNAPAS® H-class (i.e. hydrophobic, water repellent) dispersible polymer powders.

  • VINNAPAS®EP 1400 for Cost-Effective Packaging Adhesives

    VINNAPAS®EP 1400 is an innovative VAE copolymer dispersion developed with regard to the needs of the paper and packaging industry. The cost-effective, high-performance base polymer sets fast and is well-suited to machine processing. The VAE technology also makes it possible to simplify adhesive formulations, since fewer additives are required. VINNAPAS®EP 1400 is ideal for formulating cost-competitive adhesives with low migration potential.

  • VINNAPAS®DPX 271 for Wood Glue

    The VINNAPAS®DPX 271 dispersion was developed specifically to enhance the water resistance of wood adhesives. It features D3 water resistance, yet requires no reactive co-monomer. This prevents discoloration even on sensitive wood types. It requires no reactive co-monomers or external crosslinkers and has an ultra-low formaldehyde content (below 5 ppm).

    About WACKER

    Wacker Chemie AG is a globally operating chemical company headquartered in Munich, Germany. With a wide range of state-of-the-art specialty products, WACKER is a leader in numerous industrial sectors. Its products support countless high-growth end-user sectors such as photovoltaics, electronics, pharmaceuticals and household/personal care products. The WACKER Group posted total sales of about EUR 4.75 billion in 2010, of which some 80 percent were generated outside Germany. WACKER employs approximately 16,300 people at 26 production sites in Europe, the Americas and Asia, and about 100 sales offices worldwide.

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