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WACKER Opens Technical Center in Singapore for Southeast Asian Customers

Published on 2007-01-22. Author : SpecialChem

SINGAPORE -- To strengthen its Asian presence, the Munich-based WACKER Group has opened a new technical center in Singapore. The facility will serve as a regional Center of Excellence for construction polymers, silicone emulsions, silicone resins and antifoam agents, the main focus being on the development of applications in the construction, textiles and pulp & paper-processing sectors, and in the process industry. The technical center will enable WACKER to tap the fast-growing markets in this part of the world. It will also allow WACKER to offer customers local product-development support and to promote internationally recognized quality standards in Southeast Asia.

The technical center is located at Wacker Chemicals (South Asia) Pte. Ltd. The WACKER sales subsidiary moved to larger premises in the Singapore Science Park a few weeks ago, thus enabling it to realize this project. The new laboratory, which covers a floor space of 400 square meters, will offer WACKER POLYMERS' and WACKER SILICONES' customers support in developing new products and product applications for the Southeast Asian market. The focus will be on dispersible polymer-powder formulations for the manufacture of polymer-modified dry-mix mortars for the local construction industry.

Support for silicone emulsions, silicone resins and antifoam agents will also be provided. By having the sales office and technical center under the same roof, WACKER has created ideal working conditions, enabling sales-office and technical-center staff to collaborate closely to provide optimum customer support.

The fast-growing markets in Southeast Asia made this new technical center in Singapore necessary. It will enable WACKER to reinforce its position as technology leader for high-quality chemical raw materials. "We are generating double-digit sales growth in Asia, which already accounts for almost one third of Group sales today," explained Dr. Rudolf Staudigl, Executive Board member responsible for Asia at Wacker Chemie AG, at the opening ceremony. "The Singapore technical center is another important milestone in our growth strategy for Southeast Asia." The objective is to meet the individual needs of our Asian customers locally, and to support and test new applications, said Dr. Staudigl. In this way, the Munich-based WACKER Group intends to strengthen and expand its market position in collaboration with its customers.

Already since 1999, WACKER operates in Singapore a production site for 200 mm silicon semiconductor wafers. Currently, WACKER's Siltronic division and Samsung Electronics are jointly constructing a new 300 mm wafer fab in Singapore. Investments earmarked for this project total to about one billion U.S. dollars. The new plant is intended to serve the rapidly growing demand for these last-generation wafers, especially in the Asian region. Production is scheduled to start mid-2008. The JV is expected to reach 300,000 wafers per month in capacity and 800 employees by 2010.

WACKER has been supplying chemical products to Southeast Asia for a number of years. Wacker Chemicals (South Asia) Pte. Ltd., which was established in 1984, coordinates regional sales. In addition to the one in Singapore, WACKER has several other technical centers in the Asia-Pacific region: in Australia, China, India, Japan and the United Arab Emirates. The Group currently employs around 1,700 people in Asia-Pacific.


WACKER POLYMERS is a leading producer of state-of-the-art binders and polymer additives in the form of dispersible polymer powders and dispersions, polyvinyl acetates, surface coating resins, polyvinyl butyrals and polyvinyl alcohol solutions. These products are used by companies in industries such as construction, automaking, paper and adhesives, as well as by manufacturers of printing inks and surface coatings. WACKER POLYMERS has production sites in Germany, China and the USA, as well as a global sales network and technology centers in all major regions.


WACKER SILICONES is a world-leading silicones manufacturer with over 3,000 highly specialized and innovative products. The division's portfolio ranges from silicone fluids, emulsions, resins, elastomers and sealants to silanes and pyrogenic silicas. These products are noted for their significant value-adding potential – enhancing both the benefits and performance of customers' end products. Products from WACKER SILICONES find application in such sectors as construction, chemicals, cosmetics, textiles, automotive, paper and electronics.

About Siltronic

Siltronic is a global leader in the market for ultra-pure silicon wafers and the partner of numerous leading chip manufacturers. Siltronic develops and manufactures wafers with diameters of up to 300 mm at production sites in Europe, Asia, Japan and the United States. Silicon wafers form the heart of modern micro- and nanoelectronics – for computers, mobile telephones, Internet, DVD players, flat-panel displays, navigation systems, airbags, computer tomography machines, aircraft control systems and many other applications.

VINNAPAS® Polymer Powders and Dispersions

VINNAPAS® polymer powders and dispersions are thermoplastic, plasticizer-free polymers derived primarily from vinyl acetate and ethylene. In 1957, WACKER chemists succeeded in manufacturing – on an industrial scale – the first powder binder as an additive for dry-mortar mixes. Today, WACKER POLYMERS is a global market and technology leader in the field of vinyl acetate-based copolymers and terpolymers marketed worldwide under the VINNAPAS® trademark. VINNAPAS® polymer powders and dispersions are used in diverse building applications such as exterior insulation and finish systems, construction and tile adhesives, screeds, self-leveling flooring compounds, plasters, repair mortars, fillers and cementitious sealing slurries.

Source: WACKER

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