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VOC compliance is inevitable: Standox recommends early conversion to environmentally compatible paint systems

Published on 2006-02-13. Author : SpecialChem

January 1, 2007 is getting closer: this is the day the new EU solvent directive comes into force. It will bring strict limits on solvent emissions. From this day on, automotive refinishers can only use materials that comply with the new regulations. In practice, this means that around 90,000 bodyshops across Europe have to convert from conventional, solvent-based paints systems to environmentally compatible products. This is a job that requires huge planning, especially from paint manufacturers.

The new ProFuture label marks the Standox products approved in line with the EU directive.

Standox, one of the market leaders for automotive paints in the premium segment, has already completed this task. In recent years, the Wuppertal-based company has consistently introduced products that meet future environmental legislation. New products such as VOC compliant clears, VOC HighPro, VOC Premium and the extremely scratch-resistant VOC Platinum Clear have been added to the range. Even the latest Exclusive Line special effect paint, Miami Mint, is waterborne. All compliant Standox products carry the new ProFuture logo.

Standox is dedicated to serving the refinishing business, and has a complete range of services to help bodyshops convert easily to VOC-compliant materials. The Wuppertal service team is working hard to ensure that all bodyshops can be converted in time. However, this can only be achieved in partnership with bodyshops. This is why Dr. Julio Salcedas, Brand Manager Standox, recommends all non-compliant refinishers to start converting as soon as possible: "I can only appeal to all bodyshop operators: Don't put the matter off. Don't wait to convert to VOC-compliant materials. If you want to be competitive, you must act now!"

Conversion from conventional, solvent-based paints systems to VOC-compliant systems and materials is a major, but necessary task requiring time and human resources – we want to provide optimum advice, training and conversion to all companies. Standox is aware of the reservations especially in small companies and offers bodyshops tailored solutions including personal consulting, technical support, application instructions, seminars and workshops. Experience with bodyshops who have already converted has shown that initial difficulties can be reduced with careful planning and preparation.

Today environmentally compatible waterborne paints from Standox are tried and tested technologies. Some bodyshops have used Standohyd, the Standox waterborne paints system, for ten years with brilliant results and increased profitability. Standohyd helps the environment and the bodyshop's budget. Opacity, yield and quick application have convinced numerous refinishers to convert to waterborne technology long before the EU deadline. But more bodyshops must change. There are only limited resources available to help bodyshops move over. The longer a bodyshop waits, the harder it will be to find that help. We anticipate severe bottlenecks before the end of 2006. Bodyshop owners who want to remain competitive and show their environmental concern should act now. There is no alternative.

Standox is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of automotive refinishing paints. With its headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany, the company offers innovative and environmentally compatible product systems in over 80 countries. Standox seeks to build long term relationships with its customers based on premium product quality, and high levels of practical support. By working closely with the automotive industry, Standox has achieved the largest number of approvals from all leading automotive manufacturers. This makes Standox the preferred partner of professional independent and franchised bodyshops.

Source: Standox

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