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VLCI's High Throughput system

Published on 2009-10-21. Author : SpecialChem

VLCI, the creative R&D partner for the coating industry, opened its doors on September 18th to demonstrate their High Throughput (HT) system. The visitors were impressed by the capabilities of the HT system and found out that this can really boost formulation science.

After a short presentation, a demonstration of the HT tools was given. The HT system at VLCI is the FORMAX from Chemspeed Technologies, which automatically prepares coating formulations and performs synthesis (e.g. polymers), in parallel and on small scale. It is shown that this HT system can handle liquids, high viscous liquids and solids and those can be added in the reactor while processing like stirring and/or heating.

After the demo, the supplier of the HT system, Chemspeed Technologies, gave a presentation to further explain the HT tools. They also expressed their support to VLCI and are very pleased to set up a collaboration. This positive and open collaboration with VLCI allows the use of HT to many companies.

Compared to when performed manually, the HT can be at least 3 times faster. At VLCI the HT services are now available and can be used in several ways. Simply send in your raw materials and receive back quickly your formulations (coatings and/or polymers), up to using the HT in combination with the broad knowledge of raw materials, coatings and applications available at VLCI. Either way, it is a reduction in your time to market and does gives you a reduction in costs.

VLCI, an innovative R&D partner with a practical approach. Experience how creativity and innovation boost your chemistry.

Source: VLCI

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