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Veritas Luxury Retro Racer Sports a Glasurit Finish

Published on 2008-11-24. Author : SpecialChem

In Roman mythology, Veritas is the goddess of truth. But the eponymous car, the Veritas RS III, seems too good to be true. As the modern version of the first German Formula 1 racing car, the Veritas RS III is fascinating all kinds of people, thrilling the media and letting car aficionados enter a dreamworld. Its extraordinary features include its impressive design, perfect engineering and one-of-a-kind responses. Developed for the road, after additional modifications it will be fit for the racetrack as well. The cars have been refinished with environmentally friendly 90 Line waterborne paints from Glasurit.

Vermot AG, located in Grafschaft-Gelsdorf near the German city of Aachen, has succeeded in developing an extraordinary retro-car for today, based on a classic model.Bernd Paetz, CEO of Vermot AG, says,"With the Veritas RS III, we want our customers to experience the original fascination with cars and transport the concept of these automotive legends far into the future. That's why our motto is 'The true race feeling'."No matter where Paetz and his team present the car, they are sure to attract throngs of fans and stir up a media blitz. Whether it appears at the Formula 1 race in Monaco or at the Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring racetrack,the flat, sleek racer, with its characteristic design and distinctive details, such as the radiator grille and other elements that promote the aerodynamics, doesn't just stand out - it attracts people as if by magic.

Finish accentuates form and design

There's no doubt that the finish of the Veritas is a crucial element of its overall image.Ina Bauer, an employee of Vermot, selected the color from Glasurit's 90 Line, the world's most successful waterborne paint system. 90 Line complies with the stringent legislation for environmental protection. Even simulating original colors from the early days of the Veritas after World War II is no problem with Glasurit's Classic Car Color System. It is the world's largest color archive with over 200,000 color formulas. Glasurit also offers modern, even futuristic metallics. The Veritas sparkles in silver - a color that fits just glowingly. Vermot ordered the paints from KLW, a Glasurit dealer in Cologne that has already been an exclusive partner of Glasurit for over 15 years.

A real power pack

The Veritas developers have packed the car with all kinds of power. The 600 horsepower engine of the V10 or the 480 horsepower of the V8 need to be mastered without the help of today's electronic aids, such as anti-skid brakes, traction control and power brakes. The 480 horsepower version reaches top speeds of 329 kilometers per hour and the 600 horsepower variant is even faster, getting up to 347 kilometers per hour.

Veritas - constantly refined, enjoying huge demand

The future of the Veritas is just as radiant as its Glasurit paint. Numerous orders have been placed for the RS III, including from the Arab countries. The first monocoque will be produced in a limited series of 30 cars maximum, with annual facelifts planned starting in 2009, Paetz announced.Starting in 2009 too, Vermot will be offering a hardtop version of the two-seater RS III, the RS III Coupé. And 2009 will also see the production launch of the Veritas GT - as a limited edition of no more than 30 cars.

Source: Glasurit

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