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Varian, Inc. Debuts Turbo-V 2K-G Worldwide for Industrial Thin Film Deposition

Published on 2004-02-06. Author : SpecialChem

Varian, Inc. (Nasdaq: VARI - News) introduced its new Turbo-V 2K-G, an application-specific turbomolecular pumping system dedicated for OEM and end users of thin film deposition equipment. The pump has been deployed for evaluation at several customers sites in the United States, Europe, Taiwan and Korea which use thin film deposition equipment for glasscoating, vacuum webcoating and optical coating applications. The Turbo-V 2K-G is a self-contained system incorporating integrated electronics, automatic vent/purge capability, flexible system interfaces and a unique combination of application support, performance monitoring and diagnostics with tailored support and service offerings.

"By integrating one simple and high performing package, state-of-the-art features, industry requirements and a complete application and support offering, we can deliver real value to our thin film deposition customers," said Sergio Piras, vice president of vacuum technologies, Varian, Inc. "In addition to being a complete system, the Turbo-V 2K-G is the highest performing, most compact pump in its specific performance class and the only integrated solution on the market."

With its throughput capacity maximized at the working regime of Thin Film Deposition processes, the pump is ideally suited to deliver durable performance on such systems.

Typical applications include:

  • Coatings on architectural, automotive and solar glass
  • Coatings for the flat panel display industry
  • Coatings for the data storage industry
  • Optical coatings for ophthalmic lenses and filters for optical data transmission
  • Surface treatments for functional and decorative product enhancements, and
  • Depositions on foils or films used in the food, packaging, and
    electronics industries

The Turbo-V 2K-G is currently available for shipment.

Source: Varian, Inc.

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