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UVolve® Instant Floor Coatings Provide Eco-friendly, UV Cure Solution for Concrete Floors

Published on 2011-08-25. Author : SpecialChem

Facilities in Europe seeking a faster, greener and less invasive way to coat their concrete floors have some attractive new solutions available, thanks to DSM's recent expansion of UVolve® Instant Floor Coatings products for the region. The line includes high gloss and matte finishes as well as clear and pigmented coatings-all of which can be successfully applied under a wider range of application conditions than has been previously possible with most UV curable floor coating products.

Eco-friendly UVolve® Instant Floor Coatings cure immediately using a mobile UV light device, providing fast return to full service with exceptional durability, chemical resistance and easy cleanability. UVolve® surface characteristics can be readily modified with additives to provide a wide range of slip resistance. As a 100% solid, single-component system, UVolve's low odor and near-zero VOCs make it an excellent choice for meeting green construction requirements. The coating can be applied in a wide range of temperatures and the UV- cure provides an instant cure application.

UVolve® Instant Floor Coatings are applied by approved applicators, who are finding that their customers are excited about the fast return to full service and unique performance properties these coatings provide. Separk, a Lyon-based floor coating company and marking specialist for parking facilities recently chose UVolve® for the city's new landmark tower named 'Oxygene'. "The entrance of the parking area had been coated just a year earlier with a traditional floor coating that was becoming difficult to keep clean and damaging the Commercial Center image," said Oxygene Facility Manager Julien Mbitom. "We wanted a new solution that would be attractive, durable and easy to clean-but could allow for only eight hours of shutdown to get the job done."

"As part of the solution, Separk installed UVolve® in just seven hours from start to finish and delivered such a brilliant floor surface that our operations manager immediately expressed interest in using UVolve® for future parking projects."

"UVolve® Instant Floor Coatings are suitable for use in a wide variety of markets, especially those where facilities need minimal interruption of operations, as well as those requiring easy cleanability for better sanitation. These include: industrial, manufacturing, food and beverage, retail, restaurants, commercial, institutional, military and aviation, health care, animal care, hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotech facilities.

About UVolve® Instant Floor Coatings

DSM's UVolve® Instant Floor Coatings help today's businesses maximize efficiency and responsibility with a concrete floor coating solution that delivers fast return to service, long-term durability, and is friendly to both people and the environment. These high performance thin film coatings solve some unique problems-curing instantly AND with low odor. UVolve® Instant Floor Coatings limit the down time for dry time required by many of today's traditional floor coating products. Their products provide defense and decoration to concrete floors - making them ready for full return to service in just hours.

Source: UVolve® Instant Floor Coatings

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