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UV Flexo Scratch-off Inks By Flint Group

Published on 2008-10-02. Author : SpecialChem

New silver 'scratch-off' inks that perform their key function and at the same time offer a high degree of on-press convenience in UV flexo printing have been introduced by Flint Group Narrow Web.

Scratch to win

UV Flexo Scratch-off Inks can be used for all familiar promotional, game card, and entertainment applications, and can be easily removed with a rigid device such as a coin or fingernail. Two qualities are offered, delivering a choice of a pliable, or soft-scratch ink, or a semi-pliable, hard-scratch ink. They deliver the same pigmentation and opacity, but differing degrees of 'scratch-ability'. Properly applied, they have a shelf life of at least six months, making them a strong proposition for long-term promotions. They can be overprinted with a message or pattern to further disguise a hidden message using Flint Group Narrow Web's Flexocure Σ® Pantone® black ink with UV silicone additive.

Easy and effective to print

UV Flexo Scratch-off Inks provide a practical and effective package for narrow-web printers. They are single-component, press-ready inks which combine on-press stability with good curing speeds on most of today's flexo presses. The photoinitiator system was specially selected to allow for improved ink through-cure, and give the required end-use performance. Best results are achieved if the inks are used with Flint Group Narrow Web's dedicated UV flexo release coating, which protects the 'hidden message' and provides optimum release for the scratch-off layer.

Designed as a sanding primer, PERFECTFILLER has superb dry sanding behaviour ensuring fast, easy sanding and virtually eliminating the risk of sanding marks, promoting superb top coat finish quality, faster and more efficiently, helping to maximise bodyshop throughput and profitability.

Suitable substrates

The inks - which meet relevant international health and safety requirements - have been extensively tested on a variety of substrates, with optimal results on non-porous materials such as smooth coated tag papers and highly-calendered papers, PE, both topcoated and non-topcoated, and topcoated PP.

Source: Flint Group

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