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US Panel Clears Way for Violet 23 Duties

Published on 2004-01-06. Author : SpecialChem

A U.S. trade panel gave a preliminary nod on Monday to anti-dumping duties on imports of Violet 23, also known as Carbazole Violet from China and India. Violet 23 is used in paints, plastics and printing ink primarily as a color additive to shift blue into the red spectrum.

The U.S. International Trade Commission said unanimously that there was evidence that low-priced imports of various forms of the pigment were harming domestic producers.

The case was brought by Sun Chemical Corp. of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Nation Ford Chemical Co. of Fort Mills, South Carolina. Sun produces over half of all the Violet 23 manufactured in the United States. NFC is the only source of crude Carbazole Violet in the USA.

Sun and NFC have suggested a 370% anti-dumping duty on imports from China and a 148% duty on imports from India. This case is the latest in a rash of similar actions brought by U.S. manufacturers seeking protection against low-priced Chinese and Indian competition.

The vote allows the Commerce Department to calculate preliminary anti- dumping and countervailing duties on imports from the two countries. The ITC must make a final injury determination before duties are imposed.

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