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UBIS ASIA dominates Canning chemical markets; launch IPO in January 2007

Published on 2006-12-12. Author : SpecialChem

UBIS ASIA dominates Canning chemical markets; launch IPO in January 2007

  •  Report 341 million baht revenues and 31 million baht profits for 3 quarters
  •  Licenses Own Technology to Europe & USA thru World-Class Partner

Bangkok:      UBIS ASIA Plc. announced that it has become a market leader in lacquer coating and sealing compound after acquiring a 50% market share. It plans the Initial Public Offering for its stocks in January 2007 after showing strong financial results for many years.

      Mr. Sawong Dhangwatnotai, President of UBIS ASIA PLC., the country’s leader in lacquer coating and sealing compound for Canning Industry and owner of UBIS brand products, reported a baht 341 million revenues and baht 31 million net profits for the first 9 months in 2006. For 2005, it earned baht 44 million on a baht 433 million revenue. At present, the company has the registered capital of baht 190 million baht and is planning to launch an IPO in the MAI Stock market in January 2007 through selling 45 million shares to investors and employees.

         “Our revenues come mainly from 2 product groups: lacquer coating and sealing compound. Both products are essential ingredients for manufacturing all types of metal cans including food cans and non-food cans. We manufacture and distribute our products in both domestic and international markets. Domestic Sales reached baht 232 million in the first 9 months this year, accounting for 68% of total revenues. Meanwhile, International Sales equaled baht 85 million or 25% of all revenues, mostly from Mainland China Market” Mr. Sawong Said.  

      “Currently, our company has become a market leader after gaining 50% market share in sealing compound market, valued at baht 100-150 million per year and 15% market share in lacquer coating market, valued at baht 2,000-3,000 per year. ”

      Sawang Dhangwatanotai, UBIS ASIA Plc.’s Executive Vice President for Finance & Administration, said that UBIS ASIA has been trusted throughout its 10-year operation by some world-leading canned tuna manufacturers and can manufacturers for canned food exporting industry. In fact, its key client is one of the world largest canned tuna manufacturers which huge and constant demand for UBIS Products, enhancing the company growth rate. Moreover, UBIS ASIA also covers Non-Food Can market such as the aerosol cans used in various industries such as Cosmetic and Chemical. Worldwide, the Non-Food Can industry has a large market value.  

      “Importantly, we conduct our own Research & Development which produces some Manufacturing Technology recognized worldwide. We have licensed our sealing compound technology to HENKEL KGaA, our Germany-based World-class partner in distributing our technology to major markets such as Europe and North America.” Mr. Sawang added.
      Mr. Udomsak Chakeyavanich, the Managing Director of Asia Plus Securities Plc., UBIS ASIA’s Financial Advisor commented that UBIS ASIA Plc. has solid business profile and bright industry prospect. Its highly-rated Management Team and staffs have in-depth industry expertise, making the company widely recognized in the industry for about 10 years.

      “After working with UBIS ASIA as its Financial Consultant, we are confident that UBIS ASIA succeeds in raising fund since it has strong business fundamental. In addition, it has benefited from being one of the key providers for the attractive Canned Tuna for Export Industry, which has a market value of baht 44 Billion per year. This enhances its strong and consistent revenue stream.” Dr. Udomsak said. 

      UBIS ASIA PLC. was founded on June 17th, 1995 by a group of highly-experienced Executives in the Chemical Industry, led by Mr. Sawong Dhangwatanotai, the Company President. It has a registered capital of baht 190 million, with the Dhangwatanotai group as a major shareholders. The company manufactures and sells its lacquer coating and sealing compound to both domestic and international markets. With its wholly-owned subsidiary in Mainland China, UBIS ASIA is expanding its operation in the country. In addition, the company has licensed its manufacturing technology to a world-class business partner to distribute UBIS Technology to customers in Europe and North America markets.

Source:  UBIS Asia

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