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Tyvek® Transcovers® Protect FIATs' Painted Surfaces

Published on 2009-08-13. Author : SpecialChem

FIAT, the Italian carmaker, is the first Western European car manufacturer to introduce Tyvek® Transcovers® automotive surface protection system at their Tychy site in Poland. Alessio Carbone, key account manager for the FIAT Group, reports that FIAT is convinced of the benefits of Tyvek® Transcovers® and is already working on various projects to introduce this product at other FIAT Group.

Tyvek® Transcovers®, introduced in 2000 at Hyundai and Kia in Korea, have proven themselves over and over again. The customized protective films help protect the painted surfaces of new vehicles such as the trunk, roof or hood during storage and transportation. Up to now, wax has mainly been used to protect the paint from environmental influences such as dust, rain or sun radiation during storage. However, manufacturers are searching for efficient alternatives, since the European Union will ban the use of wax beginning in 2010.

Featuring breathable, soft membrane, Tyvek® Transcovers® can be custom fit and placed directly on the hardened paint even when surfaces are wet, without damaging the clear coat. This simple and reliable application saves labor costs and prevents other costs caused by scratches on the clear coat. Additionally, the film can be disposed of inexpensively and in an environmentally-friendly manner after use without any special legal restrictions.

"In addition to the technical advantages, Tyvek® Transcovers® offer the lowest global costs when compared to alternative products," said Ludo de Groof, European sales manager Tyvek® Transcovers®. "We therefore can foresee significant future growth potential in the European car industry."

Source: DuPont

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