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Toyo Ink -Collaboration with Fujifilm Graphic Systems Inc.

Published on 2009-12-14. Author : SpecialChem

Toyo Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (President Sakuma Kunio, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), FUJIFILM Graphic Systems Co., Ltd. (President Yoshida Hitoshi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo: The following notation and FFGS companies) in collaboration with, FFGS made by Fainjettopurufa "PRIMOJET" series, Toyo Ink proprietary Color Universal Design (CUD) Tools "UDing" by Integration, CUD has developed a workflow for print production.

Toyo Ink is, FFGS's "PRIMOJET" about the series, has a lot of sales from the previous national sales through the root. Toyo Ink Rideingukanpani CUD is in technology, this "UDing" technology "PRIMOJET" also offers a series of printed materials will contribute to the promotion CUD.

This workflow, support tools its CUD "UDing" feature of the "CUD checking" and, FFGS IJ's combination of stable and faithful color reproduction capability of the system digital proofing system, check on existing monitoring CUD was only the print production workflow for proofing (proofing) is an extension of the stage. This accounts for many processes in the production of commercial printing four color printing, the printing stage CUD can now check in advance with the vendors. However, this workflow, NPO corporation "Color Universal Design Organization (CUDO)" has been certified by the CUD, to print using this workflow will be easy to CUD certification mark.

The Toyo Ink Tools CUD "UDing" in 2004, one month since the announcement has been made to continue to provide free home and abroad. Shipments that are currently already has reached more than 8,000 companies nationwide print, print clients (local governments, manufacturers, etc.), designers, and even its use has spread to the building involved. FFGS's "PRIMOJET" series, to achieve color reproduction is very close to actual printing, digital inkjet proofing systems, has a high share of domestic printing areas.

"PRIMOJET" series "UDing" linked to the profile for the company's website shortly FFGS "FFGS town support (for warranty paid contractor)" will be provided free of charge to users through hope.

Toyo Ink is to held on January 19 next year, "Puraibetoshou 2010" in these "UDing" is preparing to introduce the technology.

FFGS and Toyo Ink's "social contribution by a" business approach Toyo Ink is the CSR Action Guidelines in order to better serve the valuable cultural and social life, society and make a contribution based on its core business as, responsibility of its own technology as a comprehensive manufacturer of color Utilizing Color Universal Design (CUD) through the educational concept, and to contribute to society that everyone can live comfortably and holding a .

FUJIFILM Graphic Systems Co. (FFGS company) is a company selling software and print-related materials and equipment Fujifilm Group, with advanced proprietary technology, by providing the highest quality products and services, development of social culture, science, technology and industry, health, environment and contribute to hold people to contribute to the further advancement of the life and raised a Kuoritiobu Guide.

Each of the companies listed in the "ideal of social contributions by companies" to carry out business activities and to realize, and this collaboration is one such example.

Currently, Japan is about who has the vision disabilities has said that 320 million such people who have started in various parts of the creation of an environment-friendly. CUD is actually prone to practice on, "CUD is the only color that can be used. The rest is useless color" Short-circuited by a misunderstanding that is the case would severely restrict the freedom of color. CUD should be - rather than limiting the number of colors that can be used simply on the consideration of human visual diversity of color vision, you just continue to provide easy to see color design for everyone. Of Toyo Ink Tools CUD "UDing" is designed in accordance with such directions CUD aims of the software developed.

Source: Toyo Ink

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