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Tikkurila's Water-borne Paints Used for the Interiors of a Modern Low-energy Building in Finland

Published on 2011-12-01. Author : SpecialChem

Ikituuri Fasad

The latest building project of the Student Village Foundation of Turku (TYS) was completed in the spring 2011 in the Nummenranta area in Turku, Finland. The 12-story, 43 meters high building is visible from afar. The elliptical construction was built in compliance with the principles of sustainable development, and the interior premises were painted with Tikkurila's water-borne paints.

All the 83 Ikituuri apartments are studios with a kitchen-living room, sized 30-47.5 m2. They house altogether 120 students. Due to the shape of the building, each apartment has a round exterior wall. The curvature of the elliptical shape of the building is also repeated in the interior walls of the apartments and in the shapes of the balconies.

The color world of the apartments is light and neutral. The interior walls of the apartments were painted white with Tikkurila's paints. The brick red kitchen cabinets bring color to the apartments. The floor heating working on geothermal heat adds to comfort.

Stronger colors have been used in the common premises of the building. The wall of the bike storage is bright red, the stairwells are "exit green", and the hallways are white and gray. All the common premises have been painted with Tikkurila's water-borne paints.

Geothermal Heat and Cooling from a Depth of 220 meters

The building has a concrete frame, and the facade is of pre-patinated copper. The copper plates and glazed balconies give the building an imposing look. Copper was selected as facade material due to its durability, ecological nature, and ease of recycling, architect Pekka Mäki justifies the material selection.

Ikituuri is a modern low-energy building, the heating energy of which is obtained from 20 geothermal wells, which are 220 meters deep. Geothermal heat is not only used for heating the apartments and other premises, but also for postheating the ventilation system, and partly for heating the service water.

Additionally, cooling is also managed with the geothermal heat wells. The cooler liquid from the wells is run through an exchanger, and the heated liquid is led back to the wells to warm the rock. In practice, this is the way to charge the geothermal heat field for the cold season.

When heating and cooling is taken care of with the free energy from the geothermal heat wells, the system returns on the investment quickly, says Ismo Aaltonen, Real Estate Manager of the Student Village Foundation of Turku.

Special attention has also been paid to the fire safety and soundproofing of the building.

About Tikkurila Group

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Source: Tikkurila Group

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