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Thermolon and Shinwoo Trading Company Merge - USD15 Million Investment Planned

Published on 2008-01-31. Author : SpecialChem

Thermolon - the supplier of the non-stick coatings that have taken the cookware world by storm, has announced that they are merging with Shinwoo Trading Company - the South Korean company that manufactures the coating. Thermolon™ has proved extremely successful on the USA and European markets and has sent shock waves through the entire professional culinary world. Thermolon™ coatings are completely PTFE-free and, therefore, no PFOA (sometimes known as "C8)" is used at any stage during Thermolon's manufacture.

For many years, Shinwoo has been committed to the development and research of environmentally-friendly, PTFE-Free and High Temperature Resistant coatings.

In Phase 1 of the new company, a new investment of USD15 Million is planned in 2008 to expand further the production capacity of Thermolon™.

Both companies will go under the umbrella of Thermolon Ltd and all products will be branded as Thermolon™.

Their clients include: Home Shopping Network (USA), MIGROS (Switzerland), Demeyere (Belgium), Russel Hobbs (UK) and Shulte Uffer (Germany). Many new customers are being added as the market need for PTFE-free, high heat resistant, and environmentally sustainable coatings grows.

Thermolon Ltd is the fastest growing company in the environmentally-friendly coating industry for the year 2007. The outlook for the year 2008 promises continuation and strengthening of this trend. Consumers appreciate that they now have the choice between highly heat-resistant, PTFE/PFOA-free Thermolon™ versus the traditional low temperature-resistant PTFE-containing coatings.

(PFOA, a persistent organic pollutant and likely human carcinogen, can found in the blood of animals and most of the human population. Under a voluntary stewardship program of the USA's EPA, PFOA emissions and levels found in end products must be reduced to zero by the year 2015. It is currently a cause of great concern to environmental bodies and to organizations such as the WWF (World Wildlife Fund)).

The company Headquarters is located in Busan, South Korea where they will continue to expand their R&D facilities. The commercial and financial centre is located in Hong Kong.


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