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The Paint and Wallcoverings Market in the United States Has Seen a Steady Growth from 2000 to 2005

Published on 2005-12-29. Author : SpecialChem

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets has announced the addition of Paint and Wallcoverings in the United States to their offering.

Sales of paint and wallcoverings have increased at a steady rate from 2000 to 2005, although the varying segments have seen substantially different results. Favorable interest rates have encouraged home ownership, as well as refinancing that has freed up available funds for spending on home improvement projects. The proliferation of DIY television programming has had a favorable impact on the market, with such shows spurring interest and knowledge that has encouraged market growth.

Interior latex paints have seen the largest increase, due to a dropping off in oil base product resulting from legislative impacts and environmental concerns over high VOC content. In the first part of the decade wallpaper continued on its path of decline, yet new materials that enable ease of use are likely to help induce a trending up of this segment.

In this report, we clearly identify the principal external factors driving or curtailing growth in the paint and wallcovering market. Exclusive consumer research reveals the attitudes, needs and behavior of DIY consumers, with analysis broken down by demographic characteristics. Six years of specific sales data provide a factual and impartial presentation of the market as a whole. We also evaluate the performance of individual sectors in the market, and provides information about the major companies and brands.

Finally, we use the SPSS forecasting package to create a five-year forecast of U.S. retail sales in the market, revealing potential opportunities for growth and product development.

The following types of products are covered in this report:

  • Interior house paints and coatings that are used in newly constructed homes or for residential repair, maintenance, and repainting projects
  • Paint for residential use by homeowners (do-it-yourselfers) and professionals (contractors and homebuilders)

These paint products are collectively known as architectural coatings (house paints) and account for over half of the paint (by volume) sold in the U.S.

Also included are wall coverings that are used in newly constructed homes or for residential wall re-covering projects including wallpaper and ceramic tiles.

This report excludes the following:

  • Special purpose coatings (i.e. industrial coatings)
  • Product original equipment manufacturer (OEM) coatings (coatings used for industrial manufacturing and production, such as automotive paint)
  • Spray paint
  • Painting supplies and tools (paintbrushes, rollers, etc.)
  • Stain, primers and finishes
  • Companies Mentioned: Sherwin-Williams

Source: Research and Markets Ltd.

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