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The Paint and Coatings Markets of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is Revealed for Period 2005 - 2010

Published on 2006-05-08. Author : SpecialChem

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets has announced the addition of A Profile of the Saudi Arabian and UAE Paint Industries to their offering.

Construction dominates much of industry investment in the Middle East and leads to a high degree of concentration within the paint and coatings market for coatings for architectural applications. Variously supported by an array of wealthy clients, large properties and many unusual and distinctive projects, many projects in the region call for high-quality finishes as appearance is vitally important.

In a new joint profile to be split across both countries, the paint and coatings markets of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are examined by focusing on the main sectors with architectural applications, as well as few other key sectors.

The contents of A Profile of the Saudi Arabian and UAE Paint Industries will include:

  • Paint production - where available
  • Paint imports and exports
  • Paint consumption and per capita use
  • Market splits by paint type/end use
  • Information on paint producers
  • Trends in end-user industries
  • Market forecasts and growth rates

Research for this title has been undertaken in the period February - April 2006, with interviews conducted in English with senior industry executives within the Saudi and UAE coatings industries, further supported by a lengthy period of desk research.

This report will serve as a valuable tool for strategic planners, business analysts and marketing managers involved in the manufacture, distribution and marketing of paints and coatings and their raw materials.

Contents are as follows:-

1. Introduction
2. Executive Summary
3. Background
4. The Paint Industry
5. Production, Trade & Consumption

Official statistics for paint production

Foreign trade in paints and coatings

Consumption and per capita consumption data

6. Paint Market Data

Market information, covering

7. End-User Industries
8. Market Forecasts 2005 - 2010
9. Directories of Local Paint Manufacturers in Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Source: Research and Markets

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