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Talga & Biomer to Co-develop Graphene-enhanced TPU for Industrial & Marine Coatings

Published on 2018-09-05. Author : SpecialChem

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Australian advanced materials technology company, Talga Resources Ltd has signed a Joint Development Agreement (“JDA”) with Biomer to co-develop graphene-enhanced thermoplastics for potential commercialization in the healthcare and coating markets. This initiative is in the composites sector under Talga’s graphene commercialization strategy.

Highlights of the JDA Include:

Talga Marine Coatings
Talga & Biomer Sign JDA to Develop Graphene-enhanced
TPU for Industrial & Marine Coatings
  • Creation of new multifunctional thermoplastic polyurethanes incorporating Talga functionalized graphene (“Talphene®”) in Biomer polymers
  • Terms for evaluation, five (5) years exclusive supply in the event of commercialization of products and intellectual property ownership
  • Commercialization of successful products for targeted biomedical and coating applications can be facilitated through Biomer’s existing global-scale commercial clients

Under the terms of the JDA Biomer will design and synthesize thermoplastic polyurethanes (“TPU”) incorporating Talga’s graphene (“Talphene®”) products for evaluation in biomaterial (medical devices) and industrial coating (marine anti-fouling) amongst other applications.

The incorporation of amounts of Talphene® into Biomer’s proprietary TPU is expected to improve a range of key performance characteristics including:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Wear & abrasion resistance
  • Surface finish
  • Mechanical strength
  • Biocompatibility/biofouling
  • Electrical conductivity

The Talphene® enhanced TPU will be evaluated alongside Biomer’s commercially available TPU and other polymers under development with Biomer’s global industrial partners.

Talga Managing Director Mark Thompson: “Talga is excited to enter this agreement with Biomer that provides an accelerated path to new polyurethane products and expanded commercial opportunities. Biomer has an extensive network of advanced polymer materials technologies experts and commercial/customer relationships that can be leveraged to accelerate Talphene® into the world of polyurethane products".

"We look forward to working with Biomer through the JDA to incorporate Talphene® into Biomer products with a view to enhancing people’s lives through advanced biomedical healthcare products, reducing eco-impacts of ship coatings in the marine environment and improvements to many other polyurethane based products”.

Biomer Managing Director Simon Dixon: “Biomer are excited to work with Talga on the significant potential for graphene in our proprietary high performance polymers and the opportunities it presents for advancing both design and manufacturing in the biomedical and specialty industrial market sectors".

"Understanding the technological capabilities for graphene is fundamental to unlocking the potential for this material. We look forward to working with Talga’s research team in Cambridge and its unique functionalized graphene formulations which, through the JDA, will provide the ideal platform to realize these opportunities.”

Background and Agreement

Graphene is carbon and humans are carbon based. Thus graphene enhanced polymers have the potential to provide reduced implant rejection sensitivity and improve biocompatibility, more durable plastic components for joint and vascular replacements, and utilize graphene’s self-healing properties and electrical conductivity to enhance a host of biomedical applications.

Inversely it may be engineered to have biocidal properties, providing a potential pathway to metal-free anti-foul marine coatings. The market potential is significant with the existing thermoplastic polyurethane market size exceeding 21.7 million tons products1 and total market value c.US$57.8 billion2 including, automotive, aerospace, coatings, healthcare products, and many other applications.

Preparation of functionalized formulations for incorporation with Biomer products and testing is planned to commence next month. Talga Technologies Limited (Cambridge, UK) will prepare and supply the Talphene® products and interface with Biomer staff to fulfil work program outcomes and deliverables.

Under the JDA, Talga and Biomer will co-fund R&D, material supply prototype development, manufacturing process development, and internal and external testing. Biomer’s target customers have also agreed to participate in product testing programs.

Anticipating successful outcomes the companies have agreed in advance to incorporate commercial terms that include minimum 5 year exclusive supply of Talga graphene on jointly developed products, and terms of intellectual property rights. Other commercial terms including pricing are to be further agreed and specified during product development.

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