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Sun Chemical to Showcase its Inkjet Ink Solutions at InPrint 2018

Published on 2018-10-23. Author : SpecialChem

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Sun Chemical will exhibit its portfolio for functional, industrial and specialty print applications suitable for a broad range of market sectors at InPrint 2018, in Milan, Italy from 20 to 22 November on stand 1254 in the south hall.

SunJet - The Global Inkjet Brand

Inkjet Inks
Sun Chemical to Showcase its Inkjet Ink Solutions at InPrint 2018
SunJet, the global inkjet brand of Sun Chemical and DIC, will demonstrate its most recent developments in inkjet chemistry and its ability to collaborate on development projects with OEM partners, system integrators and printhead manufacturers for current and future applications across a number of market sectors, including graphics, décor, textile, industrial and packaging.

SunJet will showcase DIC’s proprietary SEPAREL® hollow fiber membrane technology for the degassing (removal of dissolved gasses) of inkjet ink, resulting in consistently smooth printing, reduced substrate and ink waste, shortened printer cleaning times and lower printer cleaning costs.

Unlike traditional microfiltration membranes, SEPAREL® hollow fiber membranes significantly reduce inkjet ink evaporation during degasification and can degasify inkjet ink to the parts per billion (ppb) level.

SunTronic for Printed Electronics & Touch-screen Technology

On the stand, the Sun Chemical Advanced Materials division will highlight SunTronic, developed to cater for the growth in printed electronics and touch-screen technology applications. The range includes new conductive solutions incorporating nano-silver particles for improved sinter at lower temperatures, advanced dielectric materials as well as its latest etch-resist solutions and masks.

Sun Chemical will also showcase the following range of industrial products:

  • SunHytek – heat and humidity-resistant ink solutions for high-tech, appliance panel and automotive applications, for which a combination of high visual impact and long-term durability is required
  • SunCarte® – high peel strength, color-consistent screen and offset inks, adhesives and varnishes for laminated plastic cards
  • SunPoly® – screen inks formulated for high-speed screen printing on a variety of container substrates

The Sun Chemical team will showcase its technical expertise, knowledge and understanding of the diversity of end-user industrial-based applications by presenting its portfolio of leading inks and inkjet technologies used extensively in applications within the automotive, high technology interior décor, metal and plastic decoration, direct to product, functional print and printed electronic industries.

Presentations at the InPrint Conference

During the event, visitors will have the chance to hear from SunJet spokespeople in the InPrint conference. On Wednesday 21 November at 3:30pm, Phil Jackman, Product Manager at SunJet, will take part in a panel discussion looking at What are the next big opportunities for Inkjet in industrial applications.

On Tuesday 20 November at 2pm, David Reid, Global Sales Manager, SunJet, will deliver a presentation titled Aqueous inkjet solutions for digital packaging, which will look at the challenges in the world of the digital packaging print as well as the market requirements for ink technology.

Commenting on Sun Chemical’s participation in InPrint 2018, Peter Saunders, Global Business Director at SunJet, says: “Inkjet technology is a key enabler for many industrial based applications, which is why it is increasingly being used in, or alongside, manufacturing processes.

We are incredibly excited about how its use in this field will evolve and we continue to stay committed to the research and development of ground-breaking solutions to cater for this growing demand.

We are confident that our collaborative approach and combined expertise will enable visitors to our stand to gain a unique perspective in to our cutting edge innovations and future technology developments to help them improve their own manufacturing processes, increase competitive advantage and elevate their own market positioning through creative product innovation.

Source: Sun Chemical
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