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Summary of Exhibit by the Toyo Ink Group at IPEX 2010

Published on 2010-05-18. Author : SpecialChem

TOKYO, Japan -- Toyo Ink Mfg. Co. Ltd. (President & CEO: Kunio Sakuma, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will exhibit its products at IPEX 2010 (Birmingham, U.K., May 18 to 25), featuring a range of products to be sold in Europe, such as printing inks, next-generation printing materials and information expression materials used in the printing and other industries.

Lineup of exhibits

At the coming IPEX, the Toyo Ink Group will undertake product and corporate promotion activities targeting the European market, with "Feel the Evolution" as the main theme. The following summarizes the major products to be exhibited at the Toyo Ink Group booth in IPEX 2010.


Vegetable oil-based sheet-fed offset inks

TOYO KING Hy-Unity NEO ERP is a general-purpose, sheet-fed offset ink that is compliant with ISO 2846-1, boasting high concentration and mileage, and is mainly sold in high-end markets.

Positioned at the heart of Toyo Ink's range of sheet-fed inks, the TOYO KING NEX NV100 Series is a product less reliant on petrochemicals that uses only vegetable oils instead of petroleum-based solvents, which contribute to global warming.

TOYO KING Hy-Unity™ SOY Kaleido™

Superior color-rendering sheet-fed offset inks The Kaleido Ink series, part of Toyo Ink's range of superior color-rendering solutions, is capable of reproducing a range of colors that would be impossible using regular process inks, without resorting to six- or seven-color printing, and covers the vast majority of the Adobe RGB color gamut.


UV curable offset inks Toyo Ink's FLASH DRY Series of UV curable inks are cured instantly when exposed to UV light, forming a tough ink coating.

The full range consists of the FLASH DRY KTNX Series, which enables superior curing and a high gloss finish for paper-based packaging and the highly adhesive FLASH DRY O NEW HF1 Series for plastic packaging etc.

Along with a presentation of products, the Toyo Ink Group will advertise a specific business plan in Europe. Having direct sales locations in Belgium and France, the Toyo Ink Group is currently building a Partners' Network, an agency network expanding into other EU areas, Eastern Europe and Russia.

The Toyo Ink Group booth will become a more substantial information transmission space than ever based on the idea that network partners (agencies) will show Toyo Ink products to their accounts and markets and also conduct business negotiations.

In addition, the Toyo Ink Group will provide information for other areas, including Asia and Africa, given that IPEX is not limited to the United Kingdom or Europe but serves as an international exhibition.

Above all, the focus is on India: a special counter for visitors from India (India Counter) will be set up as India is enjoying rapidly growing expectations as an emerging country. The staff from TOYO INK INDIA PVT. LTD., Toyo Ink Group's base in India, will carefully showcase the diverse products and services to be provided in India.

Source: Toyo Ink Group

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