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Successful Concept Launches by Jotun

Published on 2008-08-27. Author : SpecialChem

Last year Jotun Protective Coatings increased offshore sales by 40 per cent, and there has been a continuous positive trend through 2008. Jotun's experience in offshore started more than 30 years ago when Ekofisk became the first Norwegian offshore field to come on stream. Ekofisk serves as a hub for petroleum operations in this area with several fields utilising the infrastructure to transport via the Norpipe system to the continent for Europe.

In recent times, high oil prices encourage production acceleration thus making equipment, raw materials, construction capacity and labour, scarce and expensive. All time high utilisation rate for rigs and floaters results in a buoyant market for constructions of offshore drilling equipment. This results in increased demand globally for products and services from supporting industries.

In order to serve the customers well and add value to their operations, Jotun established a multinational Offshore Concept Team. This cross-border team collects and analyses information related to the offshore industry to further improve and strengthen customer commitment. In addition Jotun also launched the Team no.1 concept, an extensive competence development training programme designed to provide quality uniform technical support and service in every region. It's recognised that coatings are unfinished products until applied properly to a surface. A coating supplier has to ensure their customers have access to the support they need to optimise coating performance.

Commitment to customers has secured a preferred status with many major offshore equipment owners, operators and builders around the world. The successful concept launches have lead to increased sales and Jotun was further encouraged by being awarded an exclusive maintenance contract with Transocean, the world's largest offshore drilling contractor with 138 mobile offshore drilling units. Jotun was selected because of its ability and commitment to supply and to provide sales and technical support to Transocean wherever they are.

Source: Jotun

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