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Stork Prints is Exhibiting its Range of Modular Printing Units for Narrow-web Converters at Labelexpo Asia

Published on 2011-12-01. Author : SpecialChem

BOXMEER, The Netherlands -- Stork Prints is demonstrating its unrivaled expertise in Rotary Screen Printing at the Labelexpo Asia 2011 in Shanghai (Hall E2, booth H6).

The company offers a range of modular printing units, based on its renowned Rotary Screen Integration (RSI) technology, and dedicated to the needs of narrow-web converters.

Easy Conversion with RSI

At the Stork Prints stand there are several RSI printing modules on display, for instance RSI Compact and RSI Easyfit.

RSI Compact
The RSI Compact has a repeat size range of 12" to 18", and available widths of 10" and 13". Working above the mainframe of the press, the unit is easily repositioned in the printing sequence with the help of an optional sliding rail, and reaches speeds of up to 328 fpm (100 m/min).

RSI EasyFit
Stork Prints' EasyFit® lightweight 'cassette' format rotary screen printing modules are designed for modular hybrid presses, where different processes can be interchanged with each other at any stage in the printing sequence. Typically under 27 kg, they are light enough to be set up manually, and are ideal for situations where fast-changeovers are essential. Make-ready times are as low as ten minutes. Adjustable support bearings allow fast repeat-size changeover within a restricted environment, without the need for recalibration.

With a modernized design, the RSI printing modules can be seamlessly integrated into the architecture, software and mechanics of the latest-generation printing presses. Key benefits include full interactivity, better user-friendliness and a shorter learning curve.

It can be controlled through the main panel of the press. This provides simultaneous, centralized monitoring of all rotary screen positions alongside other printing and converting operations.

With RSI, label printers can produce special effects and add extra functionality that cannot be achieved by any other printing process. Rapid, reliable and economical production of the 'non-label look', metallic colors, strong opaques, tactile warning symbols, special varnishes, scratch-off inks and other effects are all possible with our RSI technology.

Stork Prints shows that investment in rotary screen printing technology is possible for a fast return on investment - whatever the budget.

RotaMesh® and RotaPlate®
Other rotary screen highlights at the Stork Prints stand include the re-engraveable RotaMesh® screen for RSI systems, and the re-usable RotaPlate® screen for non-Stork Prints systems. Both feature the ultra-stable electroformed pure-nickel construction, offering easy handling, high stability and resistance to breakage at relatively high speeds.

With an abundance of samples, Stork Prints will be highlighting the many high-value applications of rotary screen - from decorative raised varnishes to brand-protection labels. The company also invests heavily in researching and developing industrial label printing lines based on the rotary screen process. Think for instance of biosensors for medical applications, high- and ultra-high frequency labels for RFID, and adhesives for packaging.

Many Advantages with Direct Laser Engraving
Offering total system solutions, Stork Prints is also a technology leader in digital pre-press with direct laser engraving of screens and plates. This purely digital technique - engraving and rinsing are the only steps required - puts an end to time-consuming processes like exposure, washing and drying.

Going digital also eliminates the many inherent drawbacks of using films (e.g. damage during use or transport, deterioration while in storage, inaccurate mounting on the press, the need for chemicals). The pre-press workflow changes completely as well. There is much less manual operation, which reduces the possibility of human error. The turnaround time for screens is shorter, and typically only takes 15 minutes with the rotaLEN. Repeat imaging is simple and 100% predictable; simply call up the archived digital file. Even the reusability of screens increases because there are less process steps involved in engraving them.

About Stork Prints

Stork Prints is a global leading company in the textile and graphics printing market. Providing total system solutions: from screens, lacquers, inks and digital engraving to a broad range of rotary screen and digital printing systems. Being the expert in electroforming this not only entails highly reliable rotary screen technology but also an extensive program of precision metal products. The group achieved worldwide a turnover of €180 million in 2008. Through continuous innovation and a powerful distribution network Stork Prints adds significant value to its customer's processes and products.

Source: Stork Prints

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