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Stork Print's DSI Inkjet Printers to Benefit Label Printing Companies

Published on 2012-01-24. Author : SpecialChem

The latest-generation DSI digital label printer brings at least two crucial benefits to label printing companies. Printers can carry out increasingly complex print jobs more cost-effectively than with traditional methods, plus they are also fully prepared to meet changing market demands in the years to come.

Impressive Performance Statistics

As you would expect, the performance statistics for the DSI are impressive; average break even at 4,000 linear meters compared to conventional UV Flexo, 20, 33 or 53 cm wide, 10 print positions possible, hexachrome, digital primer, stand alone and in-line converting possibilities are only a few points of the performance statistics.

Geared for the Future

The real value of the DSI lies in the 'future proof' concept around which it has been designed:

  • As a customer you can start with a CMYK configuration on a 20 cm print width and upgrade later, with the same machine, to a 33 cm wide machine with 10 print positions.
  • Digital primer gives you the possibility and flexibility to print onto any substrate.
  • Digital white gives you the screen printing look.
  • Digital varnish, metallic inks or a third extra spot color are possibilities for the other print positions.

All of above mentioned options are possible on the same machine, so no forklift upgrade is necessary.

"To differentiate in a highly competitive market, the time is right for digital UV inkjet," says Mark Huisman, Sales Manager at Stork Prints. "The DSI gives customers the option to produce their labels against low costs and in high quality. No cost for plates and anilox rollers anymore. No more set-up and make ready time. Why wait while you can benefit today!"

Excelling in Complex and Higher-volume Jobs

It's no secret that digital printing is becoming an increasingly popular way of printing labels, especially for short print runs. The economies of scale are clearly visible for smaller, straightforward jobs. However, it also makes sense to use the DSI for more complex and higher-volume jobs. "There are inherent drawbacks when using conventional printing for labels with lots of colours and complex designs," says Erik Blankenstein, Area Sales Manager at Stork Prints. "More colors means extra plates, longer press set-up times and greater potential for mis-registration. And there is always substrate waste when starting up. In many cases, several hundreds of euro's worth of costs are accumulated before the first label rolls off the press."

With the DSI the situation is very different. There are no plates, no time required to set up the press, no substrate waste whatsoever, and perfect registration every time. But crucially - and unlike other digital inkjet printing systems which also offer these kinds of benefits - the DSI can handle extra complexity. "By using, for example, digital white or additional colors (orange, violet and green) in the extra print positions available, you can tackle a much wider range of applications," Blankenstein continues. 'Digital primer for instance maximizes substrate flexibility. It also becomes more cost effective to use the DSI for longer run lengths. Huisman stresses, "We are essentially pushing the 'boundary' between digital and conventional printing further into medium- and in some cases high-volume territory. That must be very welcome news for many label printing companies."

About the Latest-generation DSI

The DSI is the latest in a long line of inkjet printing systems from Stork Prints, one of the most experienced digital inkjet system manufacturers in the world. More than 4000 of the company's proofing and printing systems are already in use across the globe. The DSI's combination of photographic quality and a rotary screen 'look and feel' makes it suitable for markets including food, personal care, wine and spirits, household goods and outdoor applications.

Especially when used in combination with Stork Prints' own-brand inks, all developed and produced in-house, it gives superior results characterized by a high resistance to light and impressive scratch-proofing - without the need for lacquering.

The DSI is modular in design, offering configurations from stand-alone digital printing to complete lines with in-line (semi-rotary) converting.

About Stork Prints

Stork Prints is a global leading company in the textile and graphics printing market. Providing total system solutions: from screens, lacquers, inks and digital engraving to a broad range of rotary screen and digital printing systems. Being the expert in electroforming this not only entails highly reliable rotary screen technology but also an extensive program of precision metal products.

The group achieved worldwide a turnover of €180 million in 2008. Through continuous innovation and a powerful distribution network Stork Prints adds significant value to its customer's processes and products.

Source: Stork Prints

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