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SSPC Raises the Bar with PCI Level 3 to Cater to Advanced Concepts of Coating Inspection

Published on 2011-08-05. Author : SpecialChem

PITTSBURGH, PA -- SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings announced the release of the next level of its game-changing Protective Coatings Inspector (PCI) program. PCI Level 3.

The PCI inspector certification was first introduced to the coatings industry in 2007. Since then, it's been well received by both industry veterans and newcomers as a high-quality and affordable education alternative that effectively teaches both core and advanced concepts of coating inspection. It has also gained the approval of international agencies like ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), Lloyd's Register, and RINA. One of the keys to the program is its flexibility.

According to Bob McMurdy, President of SSPC,"When SSPC designed PCI, the goal was to provide a more affordable pathway to certification for independent inspectors and professionals in emerging markets. In our research, we discovered a great thirst for knowledge among groups of highly skilled workers. These groups already had training and experience in coatings and they wanted to be able to put that to work for them in gaining inspector certification. PCI allows them to do that."

PCI Level 3 raises the bar by providing a new goal for the most experienced inspectors. The new level adds one more day to the PCI program for those candidates who choose the take the exam. Candidates must meet certain prerequisites in order to qualify for the exam and must complete the test within a designated time frame. To achieve Level 3, students must score 80% or better."SSPC works hard to provide good programs that people want." said Bill Shoup, SSPC Executive Director. He added,"If you're looking to improve your skills and knowledge, you want a return on your training investment. PCI Level 3 will deliver that ROI and prepare inspectors to meet the demands of the toughest specifications and the toughest projects."

About SSPC

SSPC is dedicated to the use of high-performance coatings for the protection and preservation of steel, concrete and other industrial structures. Founded in 1950 as the Steel Structures Painting Council, SSPC is the only non-profit association whose sole mission is to promote and support the use of protective, marine and industrial coatings for corrosion protection. Its surface preparation and other standards are used in painting specifications worldwide to provide a solid foundation for protective coatings work. In addition to standards, SSPC provides painting contractor certification, develops training and certification programs for individuals, provides advocacy, and publishes a wide range of information resources. Membership in SSPC includes over 9,000 coatings professionals and nearly 800 industry-related companies.

Source: SSPC

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