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SpecMetrix® Coating Thickness Systems into Europe

Published on 2009-09-28. Author : SpecialChem

GREENSBORO, NC and LUMEN, Belgium -- Introducing SpecMetrix®, the user-friendly new coating measurement system that sets the standard in non-contact, non-destructive, real-time measurement of coatings and thin film thickness. Designed to streamline your QA processes, the SpecMetrix® system is easy to use in virtually any manufacturing environment, for virtually any application, whether in the lab, in the field or on the factory floor... and by virtually any operator tracking film or coating thickness. As a stand alone system, or integrated with existing automation systems, the non-contact coating measurement performance of SpecMetrix® systems is unrivaled.

Built on more than twenty years of successful innovation in thickness measurement and process controls, Sensory Analytics now offers these cutting edge non-contact measurement solutions to a broad array of diverse markets. Built upon patented and proprietary sensory packages and software algorithms, SpecMetrix® systems deliver precise coating thickness measurement results and are an efficient new means to validate coating processes and to streamline QA steps and incoming inspection.

Unlike individual coating thickness gauges, film thickness gauges, dry film thickness gauges, coat weight gauges or other single function thin film thickness measurement products, Sensory's suite of portable and automated non-contact coating measurement systems can also deliver a variety of measurements from within well packaged designs. Global manufacturers are using their new SpecMetrix® systems as a one-stop-shop for all of their thickness measurement and specification validation needs.

Additionally, Sensory products are all non-radioactive, which affords beta or gamma gauge users a more cost-effective and less burdensome in-line coating thickness measurement and coat weight measurement alternative.

All SpecMetrix® measurement systems automatically capture real-time film weight and thickness data that manufacturers can use to improve production throughput with modular designs that are readily upgradeable to meet changing needs. Our SensorMetric™ software packages help SpecMetrix® systems meet a breadth and depth of application challenges to include inside spray and over-varnish measurement, primer measurement and specialty coating thickness measurement on a wide variety of metallic and composite substrates.

Source: Sensory Analytics

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