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SpecialChem Launches New Websites Centered on Universal Selectors for Richer and Faster Selection of Chemicals and Materials

Published on 2014-11-03. Author : SpecialChem

 PARIS, France -- SpecialChem announces the launch of completely revamped websites revolving around its Universal Selectors for chemicals and materials.  The goal of the new Universal Selectors is to collaboratively gather all chemicals and materials in the world and provide the knowledge to select them.

“On one hand, today’s formulators and engineers dealing with chemicals and materials are confronted with an immense and growing number of choices of heterogeneous products, from all around the world. On the other hand, they need to develop faster and at lower cost increasingly complex products to meet new performance requirements and comply with constantly evolving regulations,” says Christophe Cabarry, SpecialChem CEO. “To help them make fast yet solid decisions, with less trial and error, we have created performing material selection tools known as the Universal Selectors that we have enriched with expert content.“ 

The Universal Selectors cover the domains historically served by SpecialChem: Polymer Additives; Ingredients for Paint, Coatings & Inks; Ingredients for Adhesives & Sealants; and Ingredients for Cosmetics & Personal Care. One new Selector dedicated to Plastics and Elastomers has been added, resulting from the strategic alliance between SpecialChem and Matweb announced in October 2013. 

SpecialChem Universal Selectors differ in several key aspects from the number of buyers’ guides and product directories available on-line:

- Exhaustive: the SpecialChem goal is to propose technical data on ALL commercially available chemicals and materials from ALL the suppliers in the world. There is no need for suppliers to pay to have their products entered into the Universal Selectors.

- Crowd-sourced: besides a large team of tech data managers who are constantly looking for new product data, SpecialChem relies on its community of members - the largest in the world when it comes to chemicals and materials with 500k+ professionals - to report missing products or suppliers.

- Standardized data and multi-facetted search: product information provided by suppliers is heterogeneous when it comes to applications, chemical families or performance. SpecialChem strives to standardize its Universal Selectors nomenclatures to ease searches and enhance product comparison. Standardized data is also the key to enriched search strategies.

At launch, SpecialChem’s new Universal Selectors already offer technical data on over 160,000 products.  Through its model of collaborative data gathering, this number is due to grow rapidly in the near future. 

“Material selection, new product development and innovation are knowledge-intensive processes that go far beyond product information,” says Cabarry. “This is why our Universal Selectors are enriched with intimately linked expert knowledge. The SpecialChem network of experts-- more than 200 carefully selected global specialists -- have formalized decades of applied knowledge into Product Selection Guides which list the technical options product developers face and help to guide  their choices. These experts also propose Online Courses or Starting Point Formulations. Access to this expert knowledge leads to more educated technical choices and less trial and error, saving time and money and increasing the quality of final products.”

SpecialChem paid-for services, including Commercial Acceleration and Open Innovation as well as its Advertising and Online Courses, will remain unchanged but are each expected to benefit from the improved features offered to the communities of members and users.

To access the Universal Selectors:

Cosmetics Ingredients Universal Selector: http://cosmetics.specialchem.com/selectors/ingredients 
Adhesives Ingredients Universal Selector: http://adhesives.specialchem.com/selectors/additives 
Coatings Ingredients Universal Selector: http://coatings.specialchem.com/selectors/additives 
Plastics & Elastomers Universal Selector: http://omnexus.specialchem.com/selectors/thermoplastics 
Polymer Additives Universal Selector: http://polymer-additives.specialchem.com/selectors/additives 
Bio-based Chemicals & Materials Selector: http://www.specialchem4bio.com/bio-based-technologies/selector

 About SpecialChem:

SpecialChem accelerates Technology and Business in Chemicals and Materials. Since the year 2000, our teams of industry experts have created the world's largest online professional network dedicated to chemicals and materials. This network includes more than 500 k+ engineers, formulators, product developers, marketers, applicators and brand owners across the globe around 5 vertical websites dedicated to Polymer Additives, Plastics & Elastomers, Ingredients for Paints, Coatings & Inks, Ingredients for Adhesives & Sealants, Ingredients for Cosmetics and Personal Care. These professionals have unlimited access to Universal Selectors aiming at gathering all chemicals & materials in the world, and the knowledge to select them through high value contents like Product Selection Guides or Online Courses. Our network of profiled members plus the visits of more than 3 million professionals per year to our websites are unique assets: 

- For chemicals and materials suppliers in search of Commercial Acceleration Solutions (launching new technologies / new products, penetrating new applications / new geographies or extending their market reach)

- For advertisers to increase brand awareness and generate leads

- For professionals in Open Innovation scouting new technologies or looking for out-licensing opportunities that are related to chemicals and materials



Alison Warner
Global Marketing Director, SpecialChem

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